Kadochnikov Systema

In our hand-to-hand fighting technique we use wide domestic experience. Mathematic simulation of the hand-to-hand fighting, knowledge of the laws of motion are the areas from where we use the system of leverages, twisting moments, moving the masses, fixity of the pivots. We train dynamic performance of the movements with their constant and further modification in space and time. We don’t have stereotypes and we shouldn’t. Out technique differs greatly from other styles. It’s simple and approachable. We should deal with an enemy’s punch softly in the same plane by turning round an arm or weapon – step with an understep, ready to answer using the enemy’s inertia, adding speed-up and using center – of – gravity shift. In this case an enemy can’t cope with it. One more thing – don’t use strength against somebody else’s strength, feel the distance and control the enemy.

Retention of the point of contact as a pivot center of weapon or the enemy rotation gives you an opportunity to control the enemy using the system of leverages and not physical strength. It’s easy to operate using a quarter of one’s strength. This is our main task. We have another advantage – a small period of hand-to-hand fighter training. The working ability of the fighter doesn’t depend on the age or physical condition; he can also fight with several rivals at the same time. Our System allows to work using a quarter of one’s strength. That’s why having a reservoir of strength a fighter can evaluate the situation. In this case he spends 2 times less energy for executing the same task.

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    • Michael Blackgrave

      Very introspective. An excellent breakdown and analysis. I have been studying the arts for 30 years and teaching for 15, to the point of developing my own SEAMOK methodology. I am now undertaking SYSTEMA. I find the work fascinating and the logical progression. This is indeed an insightful methodology.

    • Chris

      That inghsit’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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