This is Part 1 of a 3-part series that will reveal a simple secret of what you should do in order to win…to protect yourself from any attack regardless of the force of an attacker, their agression or level of training

Part 1 – Why We Are Not Sportsmen or 7 Main Distinctions of the Kadochnikov System From Sport Martial Arts
Part 2 – «I came, I saw, I conquered!». How to Make Decisions Quickly in Emergency Situations 
[You are here] Part 3 – Combat Algorithms of Effective Self-Defense

Something always happens… but to “someone else”

This may be dangerous and lead to disastrous consequences. But you have nothing to worry about. This will happen to someone else – not to you.

What’s this?

This is physical assault that has different forms today and can happen anywhere –

  • in your house,
  • in the street,
  • in your home town,
  • to your family,
  • to your relatives or to you.

Scientists maintain that your risk of ending up in a dangerous situation grows in proportion to the distance as you move away from your house. This is how the world works. Life is changing and those who don’t change with it are at the risk zone.

This is happening right now practically in every city or town. This happens many times each day right in the city you live in.

But this always happens to someone else. Until one day it happens to you.

Of course you may go on thinking that you are special and you’ll never end up a victim of physical assault. In this case you may do nothing and hope for the best. Or you can do something about it.

Something many clever people have already done. Start readying yourself for these situations.

This is much easier then you can imagine.

  • How does an unprepared person act in a new situation?

He follows his intuition.

  • He reacts according to the experiences he’s built up in his life.
  • In other words, he does exactly what an assailant expects him to do – he accepts the rules of the game.

And in this game the hunter is the assailant and you are the victim.

  • What conclusion can you draw?

You need to be a hunter not a victim.

Don’t accept the rules of a game someone else imposes on you. To do this, you need to already have rules of your own for such situations. Knowing the combat algorithms of effective self-defense will help you cope with these situations.

  • How does an unprepared person act in a new situation?

He follows his intuition. He reacts basing on the experiences he’s already had in his life. You already know that in a dangerous situation with little time to react, an unprepared man can only respond in a key-jerk, spur of the moment reaction. Can it help him? We don’t think so.

Specialists know that if you throw an unprepared man with a parachute from a plane it is very likely that he will die. It would seem that he’d be safe if he has the parachute, he just needs to find how to use it. But it is almost impossible to do this in such a distressing situation and with no training beforehand.

After being instructed almost everyone lands successfully icluding old people and housewives who go in for extreme sports just for fun.

That’s why for the sake of effective self-defense,..

We need to put a can on any knee jerk instinctive reactions to any dangerous situations and begin to behave and move effectively instead

Now we’re coming close to the notion of the counter-intuitive orscientific approach. Why do we call it “scientific?” Because we apply one  of the main scientific principles here the principle of “on the contrary”.

We start from the thought that the worst has already happened. And then we analyze the actions we need to undertake to avoid “the worst.”

Let’s discuss some particular examples. Assume someone hits you top-down with a stick.

  • If you start hustling, and making attempts to evade the hit or trying to run away, it is very  likely the stick will hit you sooner or later. Because the assailant is armed, he comes at you and attacks you. He’s the hunter and you are the victim.
  • In an attempt to defend yourself, you try to increase the distance, shield yourself with your arm or evade the blow.
  • You can easily predict how applying this model of behavior ends up – it’s all just a matter of time. But if you change the model of behavior and change from the victim into the hunter, you instantly change the situation 180 degrees.

So if you want to turn from the victim into the hunter and to be ready for any conflict or extreme case while sparing little effort and saving time you’d better master the combat algorithms of effective self-defense.

If you already know about these algorithms, the time you need to learn the skills for correct behavior and effective self-defense in any situation will be a fraction of what it used to be.

  • Understanding the necessity of working with combat algorithms for forming effective motional actions and doing away with ineffective motional and behavioral kneejerk reactions is the basis of the Kadochnikov System.

This system is fundamentally different from all other existing combat and sport martial arts

What’s more important is that the combat algorithms of your actions are not a figment of the imagination of a single, however great, expert in martial arts. Their work is checked scientifically.

  • For many years they’ve been the subject of studies carried out in closed scientific and research institutes of the USSR and the Russian Federation.
  • They can be expressed in scientific language and described mathematically.

Of course you don’t have to know the formulas to use them effectively.For example, you may not understand the law of gravity but a cone will still fall onto your head according to it.

This only means that if you’re not ready to take something on trust in the Kadochnikov System you can go ahead check out every scientific proof out there.

Since the opponent may be stronger and bigger than you or there may be several opponents, someone may call the combat algorithms “artful” or “dishonest.”

But even if you spent several years of your life studying classic strike techniques, what are you going to do if the enemy is twice as big as you? Or if there are several rivals? In these situations, only special combat algorithms of effective self-defense can help you.

They may seem dishonest but they are really effective. It doesn’t matter  whether you are a physically strong person or weak, sick or healthy at  the moment, or a woman or man.

The key factor will be your knowledge  of the combat algorithms of effective self-defense, not big muscles and  aggressive behavior.

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    • boris pionic

      this system articulates much of what i have learnt surviving highly stressful experiences. now i need to hone my knowledge and replace the brick in my hand with a razor blade. the theory presented, is infallible in my humble opinion, and the practical application requires me to modify adapt and develop new movements as i suffer a little from arthritis and some old injuries….this system is deep and complex and feels completely natural and intuitive..i do have to watch the videos again and again, to recognise the small detail and subtle movements…diving into water without making a splash thank you ..i will pass this knowledge on to my children

    • Terence m church

      I ordered your sale of how to control your enemy in hand to hand combat and l have not received the download yet ? can you please send it to me regards Terry

    • Carlos

      I believe what Kadochnikov help so much

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