From times immemorial, animals and people used different types of signals providing information transmission (communication) within the group.

Along with a verbal way to communicate, man learned to carry it through…

  • writing,
  • conventional signals,
  • signs (smoke, light of the fire, flares, sound effects, pennants, flags, etc.),
  • and in modern conditions with the help of technology: radio, laser markers of other types of radiation, etc.

To increase the reliability of information transmission, it was repeatedly modified, duplicated and transmitted in different ways, and it was interpreted by coding (disguise) to preserve the confidentiality of content.

But not always is there an opportunity to use equipment

Therefore, Alekseevich took old fighting ways as a basis: a peculiar mnemonic sign language, code sounds, words, ezop language, giving signals from surrounding flora and fauna, etc.

Therefore, a certain working slang which prevented us from misunderstanding or double interpretation was developed.

And for communication maintenance, the system of signals was created making it possible to operate the group day and night with the established rules of giving and receiving a signal.

We used:

  • morse code
  • semaphore
  • signals of gestures on the basis of S.W.A.T system
  • imitating the voices of birds and animals (we made “whooo” sounds of an owl, pigeon cooing, whistling, etc.)
  • elements of roadside plots (system of conventional signals on the ground, in the snow, on tree trunks, putting some signs of stones and sticks, etc.).

And, above all, what Alekseevich constantly focused his attention on, each fighter always had to show special discretion at the desire “to open his mouth” since…

  • Any message said or transferred clear text can become property of the enemy, or other undesirable elements that unmasks and disavows the fighting group and will threaten performance of a fighting task.


  • Quick search,
  • correct identification and interpretation of signs,
  • indicating the presence or activity of the enemy, or any other object,

allowing the soldier to determine when, why and who left them, makes the essence of activity of the pathfinder.

A fighter should develop special attention, allowing him to distinguish false signs (tracks, etc.) from the actual.

Attention as selective focus on the perception of a particular object is produced with the help of special training and practice, as well as training in everyday life. And that’s what Alekseevich showed us constantly.

In some units, there are specially equipped pathfinder towns, with the possibility of working out different methods. And our studies were held in real everyday conditions with fixing material at assemblies.

  • As a result, each fighter was not just observing everything going on around him, but noticing new signs, analyzing and drawing some conclusions.

And in terms of survival, with production of food (hunting), these skills are crucial.

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