Watching this master class video, you’ll learn an all-purpose exercise, which can substitute for a whole workout session if you don’t have much time or energy to spare. But the main value of this exercise is something else.

If you spend just 20-30 minutes to master it the way that’s shown in this master class video, without skipping any details and using the technique of pedagogical self-control while doing it and then practice it regularly at least a couple of times a week, then

  • Firstly, your body will become stronger, more flexible, and enduring because you’ll be able to:

  • Strengthen and restore flexibility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons in your whole body;
  • Enhance flexibility of your joints, especially in the lumbar part of the spine and thoracic spine;
  • Ensure blood supply to all (including) remote parts of the body, which will improve the functioning of your heart and internal organs;
  • Enlarge a diaphragm range of motion in order to massage the abdominal cavity organs and improve the functioning of the lungs;
  • Improve the functioning of your vestibular system and brain circulation;
  • You will be able to remain physically fit without putting in much effort.
  • Secondly, you’ll acquire an essential fighting skill,

… which won’t be excessive in your life because you’ll learn how to control your body due to a conscious approach to moves.

  • And thirdly, you’ll make the first step to the conscious control of your body.

If you already know this exercise, then by watching this master class video you’ll be able to be sure whether you’re doing it correctly or not. You’ll have an opportunity to adjust your technique and understand how to make it more efficient, for example, due to the enlargement of movement amplitude. You’ll also learn a simple technique of teaching other people this exercise.

Now we’ll talk about the exercise “the life circle” or “the star”. Why does it have such a name?

First of all, we should mention that this exercise was used while training military intelligence operatives. Apart from gymnastics, it has other purposes.

We’ll not labor the point now, but we will definitely address this topic in the next video.

  • The first part of the exercise name refers to the fact that we circle 360°.
  • And the second part of the name refers to the canonical proportions, which Leonardo Da Vinci has depicted in a Vitruvian man drawing.

If you look attentively at the drawing, you’ll notice that the combination of arms and legs represents four different positions.

The position with arms stretched to the sides and legs kept together can be inscribed in a square (the so called “Square of the ancients”). And the position with legs and arms apart can be inscribed in a circle.

Although it seems that the center of the figure moves while shifting positions, the real center of the figure, the navel, remains still.

  • The exercise “the life circle” or “the star” is based on the same principle of golden section that the drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci was dedicated to.

That’s why if you do this exercise correctly, you’ll have a feeling of virtuosity, proportionality and harmony, although it’s not difficult.

Let’s have a look at how this exercise should be done:

You’ve surely noticed that all the moves flow from one to another, without any pauses or halts. And this is what we’re striving for.

We’ll start from learning separate elements and then we’ll combine them.

Before we start applying in practice the technical aspects of this exercise, we should learn the two main things.

There are two rotational movements in this exercise:

  • this first one is made circle-wise, the second one – around one’s spinal axis. That’s why the first element that we should master is rotation around one’s spinal axis.
  • The second one is the twisting of one’s torso in order to set the direction for the circle-wise rotation.

Now, that we know the two main things, we can start practicing the exercise. First, we’ll learn its technical aspects and then we’ll pay attention to the details.

At this stage we’ve learned the technical basis of the “the life circle” or “the star” exercise. But to achieve maximum results and avoid potential mistakes, we should learn some details.

Coordinated work of your legs and arms is not only an important technical detail of this exercise, but it is also a means of self-control, which will help you to notice and correct the mistakes in due time.

The next very important thing is that your entire body should work in the same plane. Your body should slide and roll in the floor plane. Pay attention to it.

And one more thing… while practicing the exercise you should breathe in a right way. While lying on your back, when your chest is open, you should breathe in. While twisting – breathe out.

Let’s have a look at the additional application of this exercise.

We’ve gathered a small set of cuts from the workshops, where you can see how to use this exercise for other purposes.

You’ve learned an excellent exercise in this master class video, which will help you to stay physically fit spending just 5-10 minutes a day.

By practicing it, you’ll influence almost all the systems of your body.

With its help you will:

  • Ensure blood supply to all (including) remote parts of the body, which will improve the functioning of your heart and internal organs;
  • Strengthen and restore the flexibility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons;
  • Enhance the flexibility of your joints;
  • Enlarge the diaphragm range of motion and improve the functioning of the lungs;
  • Improve the functioning of your vestibular system and brain circulation;
  • You’ll acquire an essential fighting skill and make the first step towards one’s body masterful control.

Now you have all the necessary information in order to learn not only the technical aspects of the exercise but also to pay attention to the details of this technique.

We’ll see you in the next master class. Please leave your questions and comments right on this page.

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