It is known that the starting period of forming of perceptive actions is a person’s second-third year of life, and generally it is improved till 12 years. The constructive-playing activity of a child is conductive during this period.

  • At the age of 3, his eyes are inactive and don’t make a lot of movements.
  • At the age of 4-5, there are twice as many movements. The glance stops at distinctive features of the examined objects.
  • The 6-year-old child's eyes have another type of movement – along the contours of the objects.
  • In the mature period, examination of an object is carried out fluently on the two or three most significant points that become signals of complex images.

It is evident that for the proper formation of a soldier’s psychomotor system a special organization for its development from childhood, in which takes place learning of the most effective perceptual in optimal conditions of perception, is necessary.

The success of such training at an early age is in continuous feedback, i.e. the constant receiving of information about how accurate is the resulting image and, therefore, how accurate were the acts committed.

A mentor-teacher carries out this feedback, i.e. defines criteria for the appropriateness of the image perception of the reality of the students.

  • Using one practice or another (practices of influence on sense organs in one way or another) at an early age, it is possible to achieve significant changes in the development of feelings and individual skills for different purposes.

But if you have to learn something all over again at a mature age, then…

The only key to success is physiological directive, motivation and reiteration of a lesson.

“Practice makes perfect”, says a Russian saying (another truth).

Besides, it is known, that an action should be repeated 6000 – 10000 times to be transformed into a motor skill.

  • And for the greater efficiency of the general process of learning, it has to be carried out with stress in the background, using the so-called effect of emotional memory. (Rods, sticks were used in old times).

And Alexey Alexeevich used this method, breaking our mentality because of our age.

Once after a tiresome march, we got a command to make a halt. We settled in a small meadow, relaxed and had a rest. Suddenly over my head hit the longest burst of machine-gun fire. Close to the ground I tried to give an adequate evaluation of what had happened.

Hot, springy waves hit my head so much that I could hardly tear myself from the ground. Slightly turning to the side I saw everybody lying, not moving, burying noses into the ground. ... "oh, bitches, you’ve already relaxed "…I heard Alexey’s mocking voice ..., lifting my head I saw that he stood to my right and reloaded his AK; and directly over me stood another member of our group smiling with a smoking barrel.

Another method was used too: we ran to a shallow trench in pairs, squeezed ourselves into it, and Alexeevich shot immediately without any warnings with live rounds of his AK.

I was “lucky” to be paired with a guy of 2 meters in height.

With a running jump we dove into a trench, and immediately we heard the whistling sound of bullets that tore lumps of earth from the breastwork. I saw that my fellow’s feet were outside, they didn’t fit in the trench, and ‘fountains’ were jumping around ... This was the first time I saw person decreasing in size. He literally "got into" in the hole almost pushing me out.

And then I recalled the words of a colonel that once had said: "You will dig in as sweethearts, propaganda won’t be needed guys", and narrowing his eyes, he held a hand over our heads, imitating with his index finger pressing the trigger.

And here’s another case that cannot be remembered without laughing.

It was another night raid; we were chasing "militants" in column and in cheerful march along a mountain road.

It was a silent, moonless night. Stars were shining in the black transparent sky, The Milky Way indicated the direction. There were still five minutes before the anticipated meeting. All our thoughts were focused on the upcoming fight. Suddenly, one of our guys noticed a subtle, dim flickering light, slow-flying among the stars. He thought a little bit and pronounced a sacramental phrase: "this is probably the cigarette butt”.

None of us had time to give a different interpretation when the explosion occurred.

Alexeevich had given a command to “militants” in advance and one of the guys had carried it out, having thrown a bomb at us.

Now we understand that there is a little fun in it. The matter is in peculiarity of person’s perception, after all none of us had seen the night flight of a bomb with a burning fuse before. And for the moments that have been released, the brain of that guy simply could not give the correct interpretation of the event.

It gave out a decision that was not corresponding to the circumstances on the basis of his previous experience. The brain completed picture with the "improper" being of the guy and gave it as a reality.

Alexey Alekseevich, knowing about these peculiarities, artificially transformed our previous feelings and formed in our minds new necessities for special training.

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