Kadochnikov System - The Style of the 21st century

Kadochnikov System – The Style of the 21st century

Author: M.N. Lukashov – an honorary member of the Russian unarmed combat federation executive committee, commander of the International amateur unarmed combat federation Silver order.

For the first time I wrote about the author of this book ten years ago. «The Kadochnikov System» arose great interest among the readers and the editor of the «Physical training and sport» magazine asked me to write an article about it that was soon published. In fact, I was very glad to know that Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikoff not only shared my opinion (at the time mostly intuitive) but also singled out my article among other publications.

Alexey Alexeevixh Kadochnikov – founder of Kadochnikov System

During the previous years I managed to get acquainted with Kadochnikov. After he told me about his work I assured myself even more in greatness of his creative activity. Even during the past hard for the society and country years he tried to develop his activity. The Moscow trainees of Alexey Alexeevich say that every time he comes to the capital he brings not only new ideas but also their practical application. He sets different tasks for them: while introducing new scientific evidences Alexey Alexeevich doesn’t explain how it could be applied to the hand-to-hand fighting. He says: «Think about it». In fact, it’s a good pedagogical method!

A gifted and well-prepared engineer Kadochnikov long ago managed to see behind the interior construction of sleights their physical base. Like one of the Pushkin’s character he «checked harmony with algebra». Unlike most specialists that perceive the external «picture» of a sleight, Alexey Alexeevich (as if under X-rays) penetrated in its inner biomechanical depth.

One can never say that Kadochnikov is the first who began to use in work the results of scientific analysis. It’s well-known that even some dissertations were devoted to the searching of an optimum variant of just one fighting sleight. There is one appreciable difference – all that researches dealt with regular sleights that were used in practice. And Alexey Alexeevich on the scientific data began to create new effective movements in hand-to-hand fighting.

When was Kadochnikov System invented

He began his creative activity more than 40 years ago, but even during the last decades of the previous century he managed to take a leap and be ahead of time. Even at that time he created a new, different hand-to-hand fighting system of the 20th century – the original style of the coming at the time 21st century!

Especially to those who are behind the age and have some doubts concerning the indisputable fact I can say that «Kadochnikov System» was officially recognized as invention and confirmed with a relevant patent. And as it is well-known the essential requirement to the invention is novelty and efficiency.

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]It’s necessary to say that Alexey Alexeevich consider his invention to be not a system but a style. But as it has been used in practice for a long time I think it’s possible to use the concept «system».[/text_bar_1]

One of the earliest qualified trainees (also «techie») of Kadochnikov very precisely defined his style as «engineering work with human». And I think due to the lack of basic technique training and despite of having a diploma of Physical training institution or even an academic degree our teachers, coaches and instructors lose today a lot.

The author of the book has attained such a success because he managed to use in his invention not only natural but also exact sciences. In the 60th thanks to our exit into space definite sciences were especially developing. It was necessary to find theoretical solutions to the problem of operating complex machinery by a person in extreme situations. It’s a so called engineering psychology. Precisely from this area came such notions of the Kadochnikov System as «Body control» or «Control of the enemy». The last expression means physical and psychological pressure on the enemy that deactivates his ability to maintain resistance. It gives an opportunity to use different sleights and blows.

I think it’s not necessary to enumerate all the innovations in different sciences that Alexey Alexeevich used in his work – the author talks about it in his book much better. But it’s worth mentioning that even today he is looking for new scientific books that he could use in his work. And he is doing all this despite the fact that the «Kadochnikov System» is a complete notion, including technique, tactic and methodology of hand-to-hand fighting training of an armless or armed fighter with an armless or armed enemy.

He has especially well trained the nonstandard warm-up exercises that are at the same time elements of fighting movements. Kadochnikov System safes not only time but also energy of a fighter – that is very important when the fighter is injured or tired. And it’s clear because hand-to-hand fighting is just a part (although very significant) of Kadochnikov survivability system in a crisis situation.

Alexey Alexeevich considers the popular modern martial arts very decently. And it’s easy to understand him: why do we need all this foreign exotica when we have our own science that is much better?!

It’s natural that some representatives of foreign systems protecting their selfish interests didn’t spare themselves at unscrupulous criticism. But Kadochnikov didn’t want to answer them considering that it will draw too much undeserved attention to these critics.

A high-qualified specialist, tactful and benevolent person – Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov is not only held in respect and authority he also has true love of his trainees that nowadays themselves teaches this useful science – mostly in security agencies. As a rule they tried different systems (mostly eastern) but having got acquainted with Kadochnikov System and its advantages they began to learn from Alexey Alexeevich and became his true and grateful followers.

kadochnikov systemkadochnikov systemkadochnikov system

Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov in action

Three of them were looking at me with a smile as I vainly tried to show on Alexey Alexeevich one of the proved fighting sleights. Every time I stumbled upon new for me and unexpected movements that disadvantaged me and gave my opponent possibility to «take» me if it was in a real fight. It was obvious that towards Kadochnikov I was behind the age. For him all these systems were geared to yesterday.

Despite of all the doubtless and obvious advantages of the Kadochnikov style he had to push through the routine bureaucratic misunderstanding. But it didn’t temper his enthusiasm or made him loose heart. For decades he has been persistently and successfully doing this work. There has already been done so much to gain such a wide recognition but of course we would like to see much more – for it’s of prime importance for the interests of our country!

Such quality as self – denying, high – souled and truly fantastic dedication to one’s work is typical of Alexey Alexeevich. Thanks to such talented and industrious people our country has been thriving from time immemorial!


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