“The Russian Style” of Alexey Kadochnikov

Author: Juriy Sergeev (the newspaper “The Russian Choice”, July 4th, 2009)

“The Grandfather”… This is the way people who learn the Russian hand-to-hand combat call him with love and respect. Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov is a living legend of the Russian Victory. For the first time I saw him in the eighties on the stage of the Central House of Writers in Moscow. He and his disciples ran a fantastic exhibition performance. The audience consisted of regular officers and students of a frontier school. Automatic weapons, digging tools, sword bayonets and sabers were flying over the stage like the wind. Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov was attacked from all directions by several fighters simultaneously but he easily overcame and disarmed them all with bare hands.

The students who were sitting close to me were whispering to each other with distrust: “Circus, clowns… It’s all set up and they agreed to yield to him.” If only you could see their confused countenances when they went up on the stage and attacked Aleksey Alekseyevich with weapons in their hands. His disciples knew how to fall on the ground and do a roll not to get injured. And the cynical students were flying and hitting against the stage like bags with potatoes. Note that these were senior students who had completed the standard course and were almost officers of the frontier troops. Probably exactly this episode made the frontier guards the most devoted followers of the Russian martial arts and the Kadochnikov Systema.

The Kadochnikov’s major merit concerning our country is that at the time of extended popularization of the Eastern martial arts Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov proved that our ancestors had also had very powerful weapon. He raised the Russian hand to hand combat to the unprecedented height and shared his skills and knowledge with thousands of fighters. This fact is illustrated by many grateful letters from the officers and soldiers that went through the hell of Afghanistan and Chechnya. They confessed that survived only due to their teacher.

Take notice that the Kadochnikov Systema is a combat weapon. You can’t to hold competitions on the Russian hand-to-hand combat because it’s not sport. It is a mind-blowing and force-blowing system that deals with life and death. This is very powerful spiritual and physical weapon. It is based on prays and throw back to our fatherland’s combat past. So many wars fall to our lot, not a single nation can compare with us.

The Russian hand-to-hand combat was perfected in wars with invaders who tried to violate our borders and as a result covered the Russian land with their bodies. This weapon is inside all of us. It is kept like a blade in sheath. This weapon is very dangerous. Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov is right when he tells that the russian martial arts won’t do for sport competitions and other kind of shows. This “blade” is so sharp in our subconsciousness that can unintentionally kill the opponent even during the training.

The well-known author Dmitriy Ghukov told me a terrible story. After the war there were massive manoeuvres in the Odessa military region. Among the military personnel were front-line soldiers… When the so to say opponents met in the Russian hand-to-hand combat more that a hundred people were killed. They cut each other with digging tools.

Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov warns about this situation. We shouldn’t play with war… We should know how to fight and be able instantly calculate the enemy’s actions to win a victory over him. We should always aim at the victory as there is another more important combat task that can’t be disregarded.

We were destined to meet again in the nineties in the stanitsa Azovskaya (Kuban). Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov trained students of the academician Scetin’s school. At this time was published my new novel “The Prince Isle”. It was above all praises for me to know that Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov awarded his best disciples with this book.

Our national heroes, people of natural gifts: Kalashnikov, Kadochnikov, Tihonov, the coach of our famous hockey players… Take notice that they even look alike, like brothers. What is this? This is a powerful generic tree fed by the forces of the forefathers and their unconquerable spirit. By the way Kalashnikov said: “I invented a piece of iron and Kadochnikov breathed life into it.” This is totally true the Kalashnikov gun becomes alive in the hands of Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov.

The interesting thing is that I visited his seminars many times, made a lot of films and I always wondered how young and energetic he was. In a fight he looks the youngest and the fasters of all. He is irresistible and invincible. God sent him to teach us how to fight and survive in the most desperate situations.

The Grandfather of the Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov was a brave holder of the Cross of St. George. He was the Ural Cossack by origin. He shared Russian martial arts with his son Aleksey and his grandson Aleksey. The grandfather repaired and invented aircrafts. His son and daughter-in-law are pilots. The grandson Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov also went through a flying school. Once in the war his father overcame five Germans in a hand-to-hand combat. Thus the main combat experience Aleksey Kadochnikov got from his relatives. He managed to extend and improve it, to raise it to such heights that today we have the most powerful and invincible martial art of our own.

Just think that about ten years ago people from Japan offered Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov one and a half million dollars just for opportunity to record the process of training… “The Grandfather” politely refused… He has a grandson – Aleksey… But Kadochnikov will pass on his brilliant school not only to his grandchildren. He is like a grandfather for a great number of special squad soldiers, frontier guards and those who work in the security, defence and law enforcement agencies. They guard our Fatherland from enemies and gangsters.

Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov always had strong belief that our soldier is invincible. You only need to know how to fight, camouflage, shoot neatly to the point, make out mines under your feet and be able to sight at…the enemy. You should be capable to control time and space just like the holders of the Cross of St. George did.

You should be always on guard and keep your powder dry… That’s why you should study the Russian hand-to-hand combat according to the Kadochnikov Systema: swiftly, boldly, artfully and tough in order to survive and gain a victory!

We owe him a deep low bow from all our nation and Russia itself whose children his work saved, saves now and will save…

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