Science Of Survival

Currently, due to certain features of human perception (development of adaptive network connections in artificial forms of life), trend in the absolute dependence of these forms becomes more obvious, as a result, a man that is cut off from the achievements of modern civilization, becomes helpless, defenseless and not viable.

At the same time, global environmental indicators keep on deteriorating continuously, there is an avalanche of man-made and natural disasters, new environmental threats appear, the resource base is diminishing.

The Malthusian theory finds its confirmation in greater manifestations.

Typical phenomena for this period were observed – the inflow of the population to the cities, the growing mass of the unemployed, the imbalance in development, as a result, develops into increasing instability of society.

The report of the US intelligence community “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” states:

  • during the next twenty years the world will live under the constant threat of nuclear war, environmental disaster and the decline of America as the dominant world power;
  • the historic shift is associated with a shift of economic power from West to East, the increase in impact of such countries as Russia, Brazil, India and China;
  • in the near future the world will face with the increasing likelihood of conflicts over resources, including for food and water;
  • economic volatility is a major risk factor. Terrorism and conflict will remain key enterprises, just as the problems of resources predetermine the making of international decisions;
  • the probability of use of nuclear weapons will increase due to the fact that access to nuclear technology will expand, and there will be new options and possibilities of drawing limited blows;
  • social realities of the future will lead to the rise of radicalism and increase the inflow of young people into terrorist groups.

All that means is that we cannot relax. And a modern man, especially a soldier, requires special knowledge and skills for survival, and for providing himself with comfortable conditions of autonomous existence.

Survival is the science:

  • that studies the optimum, practical techniques and methods for the preservation of life and health;
  • overcoming the psychological and mental stress;
  • supporting health and readiness of a fighter (within certain time limits) and its autonomous existence (with a minimum of technical and medical life support and others funds) in any natural and man-made environments.

A person’s life (without natural resources and artificial ingredients like clothes, appliances of livelihood, etc.) is possible only within certain minor and short-term parameters of its ecosystem:

  • relative humidity of air ... 30 - 60%
  • air temperature ... 18 - 25º C
  • atmospheric pressure ... .750 - 765 mm Hg. column

Moreover, the optimal complex day to day fluctuation is: ±2°C T; air velocity ±3m/s.; changes in atmospheric pressure ±4m/bar;


For saving his life and combating missions, the fighter must be able to assess the situation critically and adequately as soon as possible,..

…and he must provide himself with these vital parameters by:

  • getting water and fire;
  • making shelters;
  • providing food (hunting and fishing with the help of improvised devices, gathering wild plants, mushrooms, berries, etc.);
  • healing without help of a doctor;
  • providing himself with some useful tools;
  • orienteering without a map and instruments;

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