Breaking Of Internal Psychological Barriers

Author: S.Vlasov
Excerpt from the book “Green ghosts. The Kadochnikov group of 1984”

Training is good when its results are shown in action and only then, in a real situation, occurs the breaking of internal psychological barriers, conventions disappear, and there comes irreversible changes in an ethical, moral and mental state of the fighter.

It all started with one of our guys. It was a hot summer evening, at that time I was on duty. Suddenly the entrance buzzer rang out. It was this guy who stood on the threshold.

When he came in, his slight flabbiness and unhealthy excitement could be detected by the naked eye. On a dumb question, read in my eyes, he told me that a “freak” cut him off on the highway, then blocked it and tried to teach him by force some good sense.

Our fellow was in his civvies and didn’t show him his police certificate, but as a big fan of chess, he tried to logically explain to the man that he was wrong. But the man did not listen and continued to talk back. And the phrase said by him: “I feed myself with ten people like you per day” was like a trigger.

Interrupting the narrative from time to time, our fellow spoke about Alexey Alekseevich with admiration, telling me that he is such a great man and that his trainings weren’t in vain.

“All occurred spontaneously” –he continued – “we met at the left side of his car. Suddenly the “freak” tried to strike me in the head with his right hand. I took it automatically and pressed to the car, at the same time slapped him with my left palm on his head so that he pecked his own car with the nose. Roared with rage, the poor guy rushed and grabbed my tie, and I stepped on the inside of his lower leg with the side of my left shoe, and slammed him in the nose with my right hand. The “freak” grunted, moved back and settled on the driver’s seat”.

“Passed only a few seconds”, said my fellow, “I started the car and drove off, but the “freak” remained sitting in a daze. But the most important thing, is that I didn’t think of anything, it happened by itself” – my fellow kept on admiring.

Another member of our group remembered and told me that changes in reorganization of his psychology began almost at the same period of time.

“Earlier, there was applied the practice which was supposed to strengthen some districts of the city by employees of regional management. So I was working in one of the districts”, he said.

The field investigators found a narcobrothel. It was necessary “to capture” it. The young deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs knew me and “plaintively” asked me to help…

It was evening. The field investigators confirmed the information about the meeting. The bus with the law-enforcement officers stopped in two quarters before the narcobrothel. Having approached the house I, the district police officer and the deputy jumped over a fence. The district police officer lured a dog in a backyard in advance. There was a silence. I didn’t take my gun there.

Having walked around the house, the district police officer reported that 5 – 6 people are in the distant room. We did not know how many people were in the house.

Having unlocked an entrance door, the deputy and the district police officer opened it in front of me. I rushed into a dark corridor.

There was an already familiar feeling of some detachment, confidence and invincible force. Suddenly, there appeared a kind of a figure in the dark side of the opening. Without looking, I flipped him on the jaw with the back of my hand.

The figure silently collapsed. In two jumps, having overcome a corridor, I opened the door with the kick. Loudly and firmly I ordered: “EVERYONE REMAIN SEATED…!” thus, promptly moving about the room I managed to estimate a situation, having noticed that three sit on a sofa, one stands behind a table and another one in the middle of the room.

In a split second, walking in the direction of the window, I brought down the standing one with two blows, in the head and in the perineum, and took a strategically important place near the window (in case if it would be necessary to jump out).

Everybody froze because of impudence and pressure. A minute later, reinforcement rushed into the room, and in 5 minutes there was everybody from the militia bus.

A usual search was made. Time passed, but there were no results. Having cordially talked to their leader, being still impressed by compounding subtleties in preparation of “Crocodile” (narcotic), I was intuitively remembering the principles of social perception and watching them attentively while strolling about the room.

At the same time I was noting the peculiarities in his behavior. But it wasn’t necessary to stroll for a long time. I found so much that he didn’t already care.

After that case, the events went one by one. There were more determination, confidence, coordination, technical elegance in my actions.

Once on a cold February morning, coming up to the bus-stop I heard abuse and sounds of fight. The people pretended that nothing was happening. I came closer and saw that the young militia lieutenant and the hairy big guy were rolling in the dirty snow. Without saying a word, I threw that “effigy” off the lieutenant with the boot. Then I specified the facts of the situation, holding the shaggy head with the heel. At first both of them were speechless.

But then, I ordered the lieutenant to bring the detainee to the nearest reference point, showing at the same time the reliable way of the convoy, after I had lifted the big guy on his feet, holding his stunning forelock (just the day before Alekseevich showed this trick and I still remember that subtle movement of a hand).

Lieutenant thanked me, and I had to wait for the next bus …

It was summer night. I was in shorts and t-shirt and was walking in one of the residential communities of the city. Suddenly I heard a shout … “Stop! I’ll shoot”… I looked closely and saw a short policeman with a gun, running after young man, who was easy jumping over the bushes, children’s swings and other obstacles which were in the courtyards of the apartment buildings.

Having realized that the policeman had no experience (it is not allowed to shoot in a residential community) I decided to help him. I predicted the place where the next jump would be. Successfully, in flight, I kicked the “jumper” under a rib.

Then, having pinched his facial nerve on the cheek, I “suggested” him to walk in a gate. Where I, considering some tactical features, “put him in a pose” and quickly searched.

Finally, barely breathing, the policeman ran up to us.

I introduced myself as the employee of a special group and scolded him concerning the gun. Then I asked him why the person is pursued and he answered me.

Soon the detainee started recovering from shock. I had to make a kind of slight impact, after which he was not trying to talk back. And just round the corner of the house there was a police van and while we were walking, our “young friend” from the police thanked me all the time.

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