Pavel Slobodir: the Kadochnikov Systema is a Unique System

– Hello.

– Hello.

– Please, introduce yourself.

– My name is Slobodir Pavel Viktorovich.

– Pavel, for how long do you know the Kadochnikov Systema?

– I work with the Systema since 1992.

– How did you get to know the Kadochnikov Systema? Was it from a magazine or you happened to meet the instructors personally?

– Yes, I met the instructors and started to work with them.

– Did you go in for some kind of martial arts before the Systema?

– Yeah, I used to do a lot of martial arts.

– Could you specify?

– Boxing, karate, kioshinkai, judo, sambo.

– But you have preferred the Kadochnikov Systema, haven’t you?

– We grew older. Our health starts failing us. We get injures from trainings.

– Is this the main reason?

– No, this is not the main reason. A man is in constant search for something new. Right? And he will stop only when he finds what he was looking for. You can say that I have found it.

– Please, tell us what is exactly so interesting in the Systema for you.

– May be the fact that the patriarch of the Russian hand-to-hand combat is a healthy man you can talk to.

– Is he a living example to you?

Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov is not really an example. His life was full of difficulties. This is not an example but a heavy burden.

– But still.

– But still yes. His disciples are good example. Thousands of people who survived due to his Systema are good example. And he is just a man despite the fact that he worked out this unique system of the Russian hand-to-hand combat.

– Did the Kadochnikov Systema help you to solve some problems in your life?

– Why? It shouldn’t solve my problems. The Systema is a lifestyle. If you change your lifestyle you change your whole life.

People who work with the Systema have great respect for Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov and his successor Arkadiy Alekseyevich. They did great job. It is so great that not everyone can realize it.

– How do you see future of the Kadochnikov Systema?

– Actually this question should be addressed to Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov as it is his brainchild. We can only support him in all his decisions. We also can develop, promote, keep, increase and that’s it. I believe that only the person, who worked out this Systema, systemized this knowledge and directed it knows what he want it to be like. Actually this Systema is very complicated organism. That’s why I think you should address him this question.

I can only tell you what we do to develop the Kadochnikov Systema. We organized Kadochnikov military and patriotic club in Shahti City. We teach the Kaochnikov Systema everyone who likes the Russian hand-to-hand combat. We have about 120 disciples now. We try to do everything in our power. Aleksey alekseyevich Kadochnikov encourages our work in the native towns. But I can’t tell you how the Systema will develop in the future.

– What do you mean telling about the spiritual component of the Kadochnikov Systema?

– You have a bit different understanding of the notion “spirituality”. This martial art was created by the Russian warriors and as you know they are orthodox believers. That’s why the spiritual component is an integral part of the Russian hand-to-hand combat. This is a pivot that unites all of us. This pivot is the basis of the Kadochnikov Systema. We are glad to see how Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikovkeeps these traditions.

You can’t expect that a seminar is organized personally for you. You know that within these days the instructor will spend with you 2-3 hours at the utmost. And this is enough to imprint everything in your memory. Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov gives us a lot of theory and only when we try to put an element into practice we realize its whole depth.

Our task is to learn as hard as we can, to be diligent and patient, train, understand, realize and apply. And what is more important to share your knowledge with other people because the continuity of the Systema is very important. Moreover there are a lot of good examples. Have you talked to our guys? They are serious, good people who can serve as an example. Have you talked to Oleg Ufimcev?

– Not yet. 

– I recommend you talking to him. He is very decent and modest warrior who doesn’t talk much but always to the point. And he has a lot to tell. He is a very good person.

– That is great.

– Yeah, and there are a lot of examples. Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov is proud of them although that’s not his way. He scolds us much more often. And actually we don’t need to be praised as we’re learning and the process of training should be hard.

– To fight easy?

– Yeah. I wish there was no need to fight at all and everywhere was peace. First we need to learn how to keep what we have. Our country is great; it has a lot of resources and other values. And we have to learn how to preserve what our grandfathers earned. Actually everything is simple. Working out his Systema Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov tries to make it for us as simple as possible. But we all know that it is exactly simple things that are often the most difficult to understand.

– Thank you a lot for your opinion.

– You are welcome. I’m always glad to help.

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