Gvozdev Nikolay Jevgenevich: The Kadochnikov Systema is Natural and Calm

-Hello, could you introduce yourself?

-My name is Gvozdev Nikolay Jevgenevich.

Please, tell for how long do you know the Kadochnikov Systema?

-For the first time I came across the Systema long ago. I saw how it works in 1983. A friend of mine who was demobilized from the army, showed it to me. He served in Dzerginkiy division close to Moscow; Vinogradov, the disciple of Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov came to their unit and demonstrated the Kadochnikov Sytema. My friend was impressed great deal; he told us about the Systema and showed some elements. It was stamped on my memory. There was no information about it except an article in the newspaper “Komsomol’s Truth” under the title “the Russian Ninja”. This was everything I had.

Later in 90-s a guy came in our town, former special squad soldier who needed a treatment for his back. While treating himself he advertised for intake in a group “the Russian Style”. I came to see what it is like. There was Slavic and Goricz combat and some others. And I decided to see what it looks like. I came to the first training to watch his technique. He worked exactly according to the Kadochnikov Systema. Most of all I was impressed by rolls. Thus I started to study the Systema. He spent about two months studying us and then left. But those who were interested including me stayed together as a group of enthusiasts. We collected money and sent one of our members to seminar. At first he visited seminars in Krim ran by Retunskiy, the disciple of Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov. It happened a couple of times. And then he came to Krasnodar and attended seminars organized by Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov himself.

This is how the backbone of our collective was formed. We are more like close friends now. Sometimes come new guys but mainly the participants are the same. It’s about 15 men. In this way we have been working for 10 years. We always look for something new. We can’t afford visiting all the seminars. But we never give up the Russian martial art.

-Did you go in for other martial arts before the Kadochnikov Systema?

-Yeah, just like everyone around here I used to do karate. I used to study different literature on this martial art and worked in a group. There was great variety of martial arts at that time and we had choice.

-Why did you give up?

-When I compared them with the Kadochnikov Systema I realized that they were not what I really needed. The way we were taught was king of artificial. I wasn’t keen to do that anymore. The Kadochnikov Systema is more natural and calm. My body sounds like a song when everything comes out right. It’s very interesting for me and I enjoy working with the Systema. I had a break and didn’t practice for some time and then resumed trainings. I felt like there was no any break: I performed all the elements including rolls just the way I always did. It all comes out naturally. I didn’t need to catch up. It all remains in my body and my mind.

-Did the Systema help you to solve some problem in your life?

– It is very good for health. If your back troubles you different types of rolls help you to cure it. There was couple of conflicts where these skills helped me.

I did not expect from myself such a reaction. When there is a conflict and adrenalin in your blood you have no time to think the body works on its own. It does what is has to do. It happened a couple of times. Thus I had chance to put the Systema into practice. Actually it all depends on a man: if he is afraid and shrinks in the face of danger there will be problems. If he is calm and doesn’t hamper himself everything will be ok. We train the elements in a slow, calm manner and they store in the subconscious.

-Thank you. One more question. How do you see the future development of the Kadochnikov Systema.

-I have notes from old times when Arkadiy Alekseyevich was still a kid. If I compare these notes with the Systema today its growth and development are obvious. I also look in the future. The Kadochnikov Systema is really useful thing not only for the army but also for civil population. It is good for their health and safety as a kind of a private safeguarding technique. You know there is a therapy that works over your body. You can influence psychic over the motions and vice versa. They are interconnected. It is very well presented in the Kadochnikov Systema. I think the Russian martial art will soon spread over the country and will rank among other martial arts because it really works.

-Thank you for your exhaustive answers.

-You’re welcome.

Good bye.

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    • Leonard

      You may like aikido.It sdnuos like you’re not willing to get into a fight, but would rather avoid one and that you’re interested in the more spiritual aspects.Aikido generally offers this. It focuses on deflecting and defending against attack, as opposed to fighting . (Defending yourself and fighting are two different things, despite what many people think). It does offer a range of effective techniques. One drawback is that the techniques take a long time to learn to do effectively. An arm-lock is not like a punch. You can learn to punch in a day (not master it, but learn it) and it will do something to a potential opponent. It takes a lot longer to learn to do a wrist-lock properly. There are lots of technical details. But if you’re willing to stick it out, the benefits are definitely there.And it also sdnuos like you’re interested in the spiritual component. It’s very much present in Aikido. Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido was an accomplished martial artist himself. But he came up with this art after a series of spiritual revelations convinced him he had it all wrong all along; that he sought to overcome opponents in the past, when the art should not have been about dominating others, but about overcoming one’s weaknesses. He dubbed aikido a path of improvement for human beings and thought that his new art could help bring peace to the world through the path of non-contention.

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