The Kadochnikov System. What is the Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat?

Author: Julia Andrienko

If you want to get the core of the notion “the Russian hand-to-hand combat” first you need to learn its types.

There are three types of the Russian hand-to-hand fighting:

– Sport;
– Military;
– Police.

Alexey Alexeyevich Kadochnikov in his book “The Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat” stands against regarding the hand-to-hand fighting as a sport competition. In his opinion the Russian hand-to-hand combat is a military combat. Its purpose is to defeat the enemy in a combat situation.

So who is a real hand-to-hand fighter?

First of all it is a man who can handle all kinds of weapon. He or she can shoot without taking aim; explore the surroundings without being detected. They can organize a close combat so that they could move on to the hand-to-hand combat in any most extreme situation without losses. Such fighter can always remain calm and preserve emotional stability.

Three main postulates the Kadochnikov Systema is bases on are moral aspect, the concept of controlling human resources, understanding and applying the laws of mechanics. These moments distinguish the system from others.

The spiritual basis is in the centre of the process of practicing, though you can hardly notice that in the beginning. However it is impossible to introduce such deep notions as Power, Will, Spirit without this basis.

The concept of controlling human resources ensures his ability to work in field conditions and implement actions that require great physical efforts. Meanwhile it is possible despite the state of the fighter and his opponent. You may ask why? This is the peculiarity of the Kadochnikov Systema. A fighter can go on working in any physical state and fight the enemy no matter how strong he can be.

The main tasks of the concept are:

– reducing the force action of the opponent;
– reaching the highest results through spending minimum energy.

One of the main constituent of the Kadochnikov Systema is the laws of mechanics and the way they are applied in the Russian hand-to-hand combat. First of all it refers to applying the laws of positioning the movements, adaptation of the movements to the ambient conditions, possibility to improve the motions and others.

One more thing about the Kadochnikov System is non-standard approach to teaching the Russian hand-to-hand combat. There is no necessity to learn great number of complicated holds. Actually there are no holds in the system. There is only the approach from the scientific point of view. During the practice the special stress is laid on the use of the laws. This special approach and methodology of training allow bringing the firm skills: physical, spiritual and intellectual to the subconscious level and use it as a system.

There is no fighting for the sake of the fighting in the Kadochnikov Systema. On the contrary only real danger like an enemy attack allows using the skills. If there is other way to solve the problem it is better to avoid the fighting.

Though the Kadochnikov Systema implies hand-to-hand combat it is actually a weapon. As you know dealing with a weapon presupposes certain responsibility. You should always remember about this significant point of the Kadochnikov Systema.

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