Russian Martial Art: How to Win without a Fight

Part II

You should admit that the tide of interest of the young people in different types of martial arts doesn’t decline. It’s quite the contrary. I often meet people engaged in eastern martial arts who regret that they didn’t know about the existence of the Russian martial art before and spent years studying eastern combat technique, philosophy and religion. Although during the performances of the Moscow “School of Survival” in cinema and concert hall “Zarjadje” where your disciples demonstrated the skills of the Russian hand-to-hand combat there were a lot of representatives of other martial arts among the audience. They often cried out: “This is karate!” “Vinchun!” “Judo!” Everyone thought he recognized something from the martial arts he studies.

– It only proves that the martial arts of all nations are united. The laws of nature and mechanics are common for all people. There are many religions but it is said that there is one God… And every nation perceives Him in its own way. Religion, philosophy, traditions and lifestyle form the culture of every nation and the martial art is its integral part.

The laws of mechanics are universal but the culture of motions is different in each nation. Remember how movements in dances and martial art of a certain nation are alike. This likeness is obvious in all others kinds of sports. Figure skating or football for example – they also have national styles and schools: the Russian, the Canadian or some other.

Disputes about plagiarism are common and explicable when we talk about martial arts. The combat part of every style is very close to the folk culture and competitive and sport variants are in organic connection with the combat one. That’s why all kinds of martial arts are alike and different at the same time. The Russian hand-to-hand combat we are engaged in refers to the sambo system – this is both sport and skills of self-defence. Of course there are also a combat constituent and it is used in special military subdivisions.

Aleksandr Ivanovich, you are a master of sports on sambo and judo and a prize winner of many contests on these kinds of sports. Why are you so interested in the Russian hand-to-hand combat of the Russian martial art?

– About ten years ago I met Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov the founder of “the School of Survival” in Krasnodar. My teacher managed to get together the knowledge and skills of our fathers and grandfathers; he systemized and brought it up to a new standard.

Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov learned the Russian hand-to-hand combat after the Great Patriotic War in one of the special schools where subversives were trained. No less precious skills he got from his father. During the war skills of the close combat saved him many times. And his father obtained the Russian martial art from the grandfather the holder of three St.Georges crosses.

The Kadochnikov Systema struck me as a nonstandard system with an unusual methodology of trainings. It is interesting because it teaches you not only how to fight and survive in extreme cases but also forms your world-view, helps you to find your place in this world. The trainings according to the Kadochnikov Systema start not with studying technique but with psychological training. You learn how to find oneself, explore the world around you, nature destroyed by ecological disasters and define the human’s place in this environment. You learn to choose the line of conduct in complicated relationships between people and gain the stress control. It is important to protect not only your body but also your psychic.

Our life becomes more complicated and dangerous. Everyone needs to survive and preserve oneself as a person. You shouldn’t understand the art of survival as primitively as those people who in attempt to follow the fashion go to the forest or some desert island. Actually it looks more like a romantic adventure.

Today in contemporary conditions we have enough opportunities to struggle for survival. Just think about overcrowded city transport and endless queues in shops. You have to learn how to deal with stress on your own – try to take our everyday life easy as something inevitable. You should also help people around you.

There more than enough extreme cases in our life. For instance, a man has divorced – it is very difficult to cope with this situation: some people even commit suicides; others start drinking seeking for oblivion or become criminals. Hopeless situations may be fatal and some people need help to survive… It is not so easy to preserve health and not to go downhill, to stay normal and capable person.

You should start here with getting to know yourself, your abilities and place in the world. The Russian martial art is only one side of the system of survival. Such a formidable weapon can be given only to a person with normal psychic and pure intentions. That’s why before we give him our “invisible weapon” we should be sure that he deserves it.

– Have you heard about “the School of Survival” in Krasnojarsk or Sverdlovsk? I’m interested how many followers does Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov have? Do disciples find you or you look for people with similar interests?

– Thanks to the publications in the central mass media and exhibition performances a lot of people got interested in the Russian martial art. This year there have been several seminars for instructors of the Kadochnikov Systema in Alushta and Sochi. There came fighters from every corner of our country; among them were specialists on various kinds of combat and competitive martial arts. Of course even a skilled person can’t cover all the nuisances of such an extensive system as “the School of Survival” in 10 days. This was just the beginning.

As I’ve mentioned above it is impossible to master any kind of martial arts during the short period. That’s why our main aim is the promotion of the Russian martial art and particularly the Russian hand-to-hand combat – finding people who are capable not only teach the Russian martial art but also improve it.

– Seminars are temporary activity and in “the Schools of Survival” as far as I understood you teach those who go in for martial arts because they need it in their private life: some people are interested in self-defence, others regard it as sport. Do you have any plans to open some center where you can teach professionals, people whom in the future you can proudly call your followers?

– For a long time I have a dream I’m about to achieve: to organize a school where according to definite system calculated on several years will be trained not only adults but also boys. Graduates of the school will be awarded certificates that confirm their qualification. These guys I can call my followers with a clear conscience.

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