Albert Boltunov: the Kadochnikov Systema Protects Human Life

– Hello.


– Could you introduce yourself?

– My name is Albert Jurjevich Boltunov.

– For how long do you know the Kadochnikov Systema?

– For the first time I came across the Systema in 1986. At the time I was at school and happened to read the magazine “Russian Style”. This was the time the magazine only started being published. Sadly it was canceled so soon. I learnt about the Kadochnikov Systema from this magazine. For me it was very interesting article as it related unusual and non-standard approach to the Russian hand-to-hand combat. As generally the main types of the hand-to-hand combat were represented by eastern martial arts and other fighting techniques that existed in our country at that period.

-Does it mean that you did the eastern martial arts?

-Yes, that’s right. My first knowledge of the hand-to-hand combat was connected with the eastern martial arts. I was going in for kiokushinkai for several years. Sure after kiokushinkai trainings the Kadochnikov Systema looked non-standard for me and interested me.  The kiokushinkai technique is linear and Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov offers different approach to the hand-to-hand combat. I got intrigued.

I seized at the first opportunity to know this Systema better. My first instructor was the disciple of Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov who was duty-bound in the unit in our city.

-How the Kadochnikov Systema affected your life?

-More deep knowledge of the Systema I got much later. In about 20 years since I got to know the Kadochnikov Systema for the first time I came to seminar organized in Moscow. Of course the technique I saw in the magazine and got to know in the past was presented at the seminar in a more thorough way. The System regards the surrounding world from an unusual point of view.

-What was the main difference in your opinion?

-I think this institute is the only one in our country that cares about protection of the human life. As far as I’m concerned there are no such programs in our country that are aimed at protecting human’s life and providing life support, survival, fighting capacity.  Everything we have today is directed at the defence of human’s rights and freedoms and protection of the states authority. People have to think of their private safeguarding technique.

– By the way how does the Kadochnikov Systema proved itself in your life?

-I can with certainty say that the Systema changed my life. My world-view before the Kadochnikov Systema was unstable. Working with Systema I gained knowledge and experience. This made my life and life of my family more balanced. I try to pass the knowledge and skills the Kadochnikov Systema gives me to my children. In its turn it helps them to study at school. The methodology presented by Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov can be very effectively used when studying not only Russian hand-to-hand combat but other materials as well. The Systema also changed my relationships with family and relatives. It made me look inside myself and see that I was not so strong and not always ready for the real life. Now I can assess my actions and deeds more objectively.

-Do you have a story from you experience connected with the Kadochnikov Systema?

My lifestyle has nothing in common with military operations I have never had to apply these skills directly.

But the principles and laws the Kadochnikov Systema is based on leave stamp on my life and activity. It helps me to survive in our world every day. For example this incident happened to my little daughter. She is 4 years old and she likes to watch how I train people in the group. She even tries to do some elements. Recently we were in Samara at the seminar and we set off for the overnight hike in the mountains. In the morning she got out of the tent, stumbled and started to fall down the hill. But at that moment she tucked herself up, did a roll and landed on her feet. She even didn’t understand what happened and how she managed to do this. But she did the element technically right. It all came out so naturally and masterfully that the guys who witnessed this situation were amazed how the child could automatically perform this rather difficult element.

-Unaware of this she saved herself.

-Yeah, the Systema helped.

-And the last question. How do you see the future development of the Systema?

-To my mind everything that is happening in the present development of the Kadochnikov Systema is done in a right way and apt for the future development. I think that it is important to strengthen the center – the existing school.  It is to our common interests to build a strong center that could coordinate, instruct and share techniques and methodology with those who need these skills due to their lifestyle or job requirements.

If the center develops, disciples will develop together with it. They will always have opportunity to advance in skill and get new material, to perfect their knowledge and stay within the methodology offered by the center. Why is it so necessary for me? There are a lot of disciples of Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov all over the country who worked with him directly or studied the Systema second-hand. Today there are a lot of schools who consider themselves as representatives of the Kadochnikov Systema. But if you go into details you will find out that they have little in common with the original Systema. It looks like the Kadichnikov Systema is not a product worked out by an author but kind of national patrimony and everyone thinks his duty is to add some material of their own. This leads to negative consequences as their technique and methodology eventually start to deviate from the ones taught by the center.

That’s why I believe that it is important to form strong center as a basis for giving, improving, sharing the material and upbringing new, gifted disciples.

-New generation.

-Right. New generation, new wave as Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov would say.

Thank you very much.

-It was a pleasure to help you.

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