35 Golden Rules of Hand-to-Hand Fighting

35 Golden Rules of Hand-to-Hand Fighting

1. Understanding of a process is prior to the knowledge as it is.
2. Persistence is a key to the secrets of mastery.
3. Having power is not enough to win in a close fight; you should also have knowledge, abilities, skills and quick-wittedness.
4. If the enemy has caught you off guard but you’re still alive – he is in your arms then.
5. The more the situation looks like a hopeless one, the more likely you are to win.
6. Step back to soften resistance.
7. Do not aim at being stronger than your enemy – try to find his weaknesses.
8. Do everything with minimum efforts made. Too much power used leads to an opposite result.
9. Remember a sacred wisdom: «Give away to gain something».
10. To escape without losing a contact is the aim of your struggle.
11. Don’t be afraid to seem funny and clumsy at the training lessons.
12. Fear and rage are suitable and necessary. Fear shouldn’t be eliminated.
13. Relax; try to do it as much as possible.
14. Everything should be done consciously.
15. There are no forbidden sleights in self-defense.
16. How to win? At any cost.
17. There is no attack without defense.
18. Don’t join a close fight if there are other ways to resolve a conflict.
19. While fighting don’t aim at the effect but the efficiency.
20. Don’t pity your rival if he threatens your health.
21. Don’t rely on a single punch or action in a close fight.
22. Don’t be afraid of slight injures but avoid bad ones.
23. Be ready for an unexpected seizure or attack.
24. Repeating a movement do it differently.
25. A slow repeat gives you an opportunity for an analysis which is connected with what you want to acquire and your desire to broaden your mind.
26. Spirit of a system is a spirit of a victory not depending on the type of the weapon, because there are different ways to win.
27. While fighting your mood shouldn’t differ from the one you usually have. In both ways you should be purposeful but calm.
28. Understanding the core of the system gives you an opportunity to see its usage in all areas of human life.
29. You shouldn’t have a favorite type of weapon or sleight. Do not copy others, play by ear.
30. You can have your own style when you have learnt optimum of styles.
31. Training is a part of your life which strengthens your spirit.
32. It is difficult to understand yourself having no idea about other people.
33. From time to time try to move away from the movement task in space and time; it will help you to see it in different scale. In this case you will have a range of logical steps that will allow you to find the right decision.
34. Change the value of different movement task elements. It will help you to transform logical analysis and build a new reasoning chain.
35. There can be no excuses for your passivity or laziness.


  • Martyn Bliss

    Reply Reply February 21, 2012

    Very useful – thanks 🙂

  • George Ruminski

    Reply Reply February 17, 2019

    I read it in the report and i am going go read it on a regular bases. Some of the rules i did not realize until I saw it written down is what I believe in was doing without knowing I was doing it. Yet I still have a lot to learn. Right now I am on a pension and money is tight but when it is possible I will register.

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