One of our main principles is never begin to fight if there is another opportunity to act. Only a real threat, a rival's attack gives us the reasons and moral right to apply our martial knowledge and skills of our System.

“How Not To Be Taken Back In An Extreme Situation, When Fear Paralyzes Your Body… And How To Protect Oneself Even When You Are Exhausted?”

Finally, we’ve conducted it... It was more than three years ago, when the readers of our site first asked us to share the secrets of mind preparation for extreme conditions by means of our personal safety technique system.

More than a year and a half passed since that time, when we planned to hold a special seminar of the first year program training. And finally, in we conducted a three-day training course, which showed:

how you can not be taken back in an emergency situation;
how not to allow fear to paralyze your body and brain due to a considerable release of hormones;
how to be able to defend yourself even when you are exhausted.

All this was done thanks to the special techniques and exercises of our personal safety technique system from the first year program. Individual and group training on the first year training program. Practical survival skills in extreme conditions, which work everywhere - in all circumstances, in any situation, with one or several rivals.


Not so long ago we held a seminar where a very important topic was brought up...

– psychological training for the combat actions, which we use in our system of personal safety technique and special training programs for the members of some units.

It deals not only with fear and the ability to control it in an extreme situation. It also deals with psychological states and military state.
We also touch upon such topics as the physiological reaction of one’s organism to an extreme situation, training criteria for working in an emergency situation, and many other questions...

... that require not only learning and understanding, but also development of special skills in order to make some mechanisms of our organism work effectively in an extreme situation.

We'll Be Fair With You...

this topic is not for everyone. But if you find some time for one’s self-development in this area, the results will exceed your expectations.

There are a lot of people, who promise you too much. They say that their training classes, methodology and knowledge are the best.

If we give you such promises, soon you won’t take us seriously. We don’t want this to happen.

We just want to make you a simple proposal: let us explain what we want to say. Let us teach you the main elements and principles of psychological training in an extreme situation


...which we use in our system of the Personal Safety Technique

You can compare this to what you’ve been doing earlier, or to what you’ve never done before, but have seen or heard about.

In order to understand how effectively this program is, and how you can boost your self-confidence with its help, you should try it.

The main reason we want you to get acquainted with this program, is to help you acquire a real experience, and not just a pile of promises.

In fact, we’d like to put in your minds and hands the basis, thanks to which you will be able to go along a street and feel confidence, that if somebody is hostile or aggressive towards you, you will know what to do.

We’ll teach you how not to be lost in an extreme situation (where fear can arise); how to defend yourself when you are exhausted. We are not exaggerating and this is not a marketing ploy. The efficiency of the system is a thoroughly documented fact.


which confirm the efficiency of the system in various conditions and situations (including battle zones and emergency situations)

Both, the general principles and the specific methods of our system are based on the strict scientific data (each of them can be explained from the point of view of mathematics).

And what is more important, all of them have been tested in practice by hundreds of people during a long period of time in various situations and conditions. The system really works. It has stood the test of time.

How can you get rid of fear in order not to be lost in an extreme situation?

The work relating to the development and practice, use of the system of personal safety technique, has brought positive results both for the government and a great number of ordinary people during these years. So, let’s stop talking about me….there is much more important topic, which is…

One of the ways is to spend years trying to do something and learning from one’s mistakes.

There is another way-go with us through a three-day seminar (to do this you won’t even have to leave your house). We’ll teach you what you should know, learn and do. Our task within a seminar is to teach you how to think and act in an extreme situation, using the strategy and system.

We want to change the way you are thinking.
We want you to use any situation, opportunity, problem or condition to your advantage.
We want your weaknesses to become your strong suit.

Possibly, it’s a very serious promise. Nevertheless, we give it to you. We never doubt it. To reach this goal we’ll share with you our philosophy, experience, secrets, strategies, principles, techniques and tactics. Moreover...


- how we see the system of personal safety technique and hand-to-hand fighting.
What is meant here is...

To be able to see the opportunities when nobody sees them;
To be able to use an opportunity that other people can’t use;
To be able to realize and use the advantage of trinity of forces: physical, spiritual and intellectual. As it is your main advantage when fighting with one or several rivals;
To be able to aim one’s efforts at the usage of your rival’s strength and aggression against himself. For this purpose you should use just 25% of one’s strength. You should put a priority on these two rules in your work.

When you realize our ideology completely, you’ll have no doubts concerning the way you should behave yourself and opportunities that you should use. You’ll know how to use your every resource effectively.

When you know for sure that in any situation there will appear new opportunities, which you can use at 100%, you’ll feel yourself strong, free, safe and stable.


You will get knowledge and skills that will help you not to be lost in an extreme situation; not to let fear paralyze your body and brain due to a large discharge of hormones. Thanks to the special methodology and exercises of our personal safety technique system you will be able to protect yourself even if you are exhausted.
You’ll get the skills and hand-on experience of survival in an extreme situation, which work everywhere. They work in any conditions or situations; with one or several rivals.
You’ll increase your personal safety potential, as you’ll learn the best and the most efficient ways of the psychophysical training. They are elegantly intuitive, simple and easy to understand.
You’ll boost your self-esteem and confidence, as you’ll be able to use these skills and knowledge at any moment, where it will be necessary.
You’ll be able to win against any person, who will be aggressive towards you. It will make no difference whether he is stronger or faster than you are; or whether he attacks you from the back, from the front or sideways.
Every time somebody threatens you, you’ll feel self-confidence. On the subconscious level it often frightens people away. So, they won’t even continue their actions towards you.
Every time when somebody will try to get you into a conflict, you’ll be able to stop them by making some simple, but effective movements. These movements aren’t very hurtful, but they are painful enough to bring a person down to his level.
If the initiator of the conflict doesn’t understand what you are saying, you’ll always have at hand some convincing arguments.
You’ll improve your self-discipline, focus, clarity of mind and consciousness.
There will be no place for fear, negative emotions and anxieties in your life.
You’ll boost your self-confidence, recover peace of mind and earn a great reputation. All this will help you to be confident that nobody will do any harm to you or your family. But even if somebody will try to do this you’ll possess enough knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your family.
You’ll come out victorious out of any unpleasant situation, as you’ll know the basis. You’ll be able to control your opponent and disadvantage him.

We are so sorry that you couldn’t come to this seminar. It was worth it


is the only possibility to get acquainted with the system of complex psychophysical training in the most convenient and comprehensible form, as we are not planning to hold such kind of a seminar in the nearest future

The duration of the seminar is 12 hours. These hours cover the most important and essential information, which has already helped hundreds of people, like you, to come out of any extreme situation with dignity by following the instructions.

In fact, the basic skills of personal safety technique are much easier than you might think.

Our system differs radically from all existing; it is simple and easy to learn. But if you come with a heavy load of stereotypes, the lion's share of time you will need to give it up.

If you are looking for...

a proven, effective,
affordable, and and stepwise system,

... which can train you in the universal combat skills, even if you don’t remember the last time you’ve trained (sports training is not necessary), the proposed video training is exactly what you need.

This training will help you to develop the skills, which will help you to survive in any extreme situation, within a short period of time. Let us explain why...


However all serious authorities, professionally involved in the preparation of people to survive in extreme circumstances, take into account in their work the results of scientific studies, which have conclusively proven the reaction of one’s organism to this or that kind of a stressful situation

The simplest and at the same time the most reliable indicator of these states is one’s pulse

An average healthy person has heart rate at rest of 60-80 beats / min. If your pulse is in this range – it means your nervous system is working properly.

Professional fighters and martial athletes have heart rate during competition of 115-145 beats per minute. A trained athlete’s body can cope with stressful loads of competitive activity quiet successfully.

The sport rules, the presence of the referee and judges, atmosphere in the gym, - all these factors make it clear for the athlete on the subconscious level that his life is not threatened

Such training increases although the adaptive capacity of a fighter to operate in extreme conditions, when one’s health and lives are in danger; but this training doesn’t solve the problem completely (that is why the army and police in many countries are encouraged by various combat trainings). And we’ll say why.

In the extreme and stressful situation, when your life is in real danger, there is no referee, ring or rules. The brain cannot control the body; fear overpowers…

A release of additional hormones will be as a result, which is our nervous system can’t cope with, without serious consequences

One’s peripheral vision doesn’t operate, the function of hearing is declined, and even a trained body of an athlete will be paralyzed for a few seconds (at best).

In this state, the pulse rate is 175 beats per minute and above … But even a few seconds is enough to loose one’s control and get injured. We think you already know that any system of human survival is designed to prepare a human to such extreme situations, when the pulse of untrained people goes beyond 175 beats per minute or higher. Here comes into play the personal safety technique


Having mastered the basis of personal safety technique according to our system, you will learn how to use the power and aggression of your enemy against him ... you’ll become a hunter, not a victim

The training will teach you how to use the most optimal algorithms for your actions in accordance with the basic principles of our system; as well as to master the basic skills in practice.

The system which you’ll master through the proposed training will work under all conditions and circumstances, with one or more opponents.

This is because our System is based on scientifically grounded and proven principles, which can be described even mathematically. These are extremely effective knowledge.

It's hard to believe, but this knowledge is tested in practice by hundreds of people over a long period of time.

Work on the development of our system of personal safety technique started in 1961. We think that this work has benefited both the state and a lot of ordinary people. But for the presentation purposes the following question is important...


As soon as you know:

The main secret of human survivability - the ability to withstand various impacts of the negative forces, and in case of injuring one’s body - to keep or recover (completely or partially) one’s fighting qualities;
How to resolve numerous situational tasks in extreme conditions;
How to save energy, use minimal power in the right direction and at the right time;
How to win against an obviously stronger and quicker rival or several rivals at the expense of minimizing their force impact at the lowest possible expenditure of one’s energy;
The ways for the most efficient and appropriate physical impact upon the enemy. What tactical and special psychological techniques will help you to use them effectively and save one’s energy;
How to use in practice one of the basic principles of our System about the prior advantage of an enemy upon you - the enemy is physically stronger and faster than you are. Or there may be several rivals;
How to apply intuitively and consciously the laws of the psycho biomechanics to the hand-to-hand fighting;
How to not just act, but to act properly. What is the best way to act in an unpredictable situation when there is no time to think and you have no right to make a mistake;
How to analyze the complex situations quickly and take the only right decision;
What the secrets of the force impact upon a human are;
How to fight in any conditions: During the day and at night; in summer heat and winter cold; in the rain on slippery ground or shifting sands; in the forest, in a small elevator, on an aircraft or in a car;
How to act when facing with an infinite variety of situations in the hand-to-hand fighting, and manage these actions with minimum energy expenditure;
How to learn the ways of impact on an enemy according to the scheme "The system of control – putting objects under control";
What minimum specific exercises you need to do in order to acquire specific movement skills of a fighter;
What the basic principles of defense against any kind of physical aggression are;
How to uncover the subconscious resources, which manage psycho emotional states in the hand-to-hand fighting;
What the “closed” control technologies, which you can use in order to control an enemy without using physical force, are;
Why one of the basic principles of the System is that a rival is initially stronger and faster than you; or there can be several rivals;
How to use the full range of trinity of one’s forces: physical, spiritual and intellectual;
How to contact with one’s subconscious mind and open the “floodgates” to create the necessary for the effective work conditions (it's easier than you think);
Why the use of the technique, which differs radically from anything you've ever seen, is the best way to get one’s invincibility in the shortest time;
What determines the deadly accuracy of one’s movements.

You Will Be Able To:

Control one’s body and mind in any situation, because the base of our methodology (which has no counterparts in the world) is studies for many years concerning the application of the System in all kinds of extreme situations;
Use only 25% of one’s strength in any fight without loss of efficiency and quality of your actions, because at such minimal energy consumption you can run longer than any of your rivals;
To minimize any force impact regardless of the strength and speed of your rivals, because the basis of system are the principles of survival, common for all situations;
Control the rival in a variety of situations on the basis of principle "The system of control – putting the objects under control";
Apply such technique of hand-to-hand fighting, which can be used effectively in any climate and situations: During the daytime and at night; in summer heat and winter cold; in the rain on slippery ground or shifting sands; in the forest, in a small elevator, on an aircraft or in a car;
To act in any situation correctly and efficiently, instantly analyze complex situations and take decisions very quickly, because the system will give you the mental and spiritual stability for conscious and legitimate use of your skills;
Find the key to the secrets of controlling your enemy in any possible fight situations, using the psycho biomechanical modeling of the motor actions;
Meet any rival’s attacks and break their negative impact into components even before they reach the goal. At the same time you will spend no more than 25% of one’s strength;
Work in any planes;
Direct the rival’s strength and aggression against him, because you'll know how to put a little effort at the right place and in the right direction;
Know more than 99.5% of ordinary people on how to act effectively in an extreme situation;
Form the algorithms of close fighting, taking into account the huge shortage of time to take the right decision; against the background of general fatigue or dilapidation of the body, in stress and many other unfavorable factors.


Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov is the founder of the Russian system of personal safety technique and effective self-defense, which has no counterparts in the world.

“The Kadochnikov System”, these two words have for a long time been a symbol of the most effective school of self-defense at the heart of which there is a scientific approach, mathematically precise movements and honored, centuries-long traditions of Russian warrior training. The name of the creator of the System (Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov) is connected with the rebirth of the interest in the latter half of the XX century for the Russian martial arts as a system of the warrior upbringing and training.

He has held hundreds of seminars and master-classes in Russia and different countries all over Europe, at which thousands of people have got solid skills of effective self-defense and personal safety technique.

He is the author of mass media educational and methodological materials, books and articles about self-defense problems and professionally-applied training for extreme situations.

Arkadiy Alekseevich Kadochnikov is a professional military man (lieutenant colonel in reserve), a specialist in the sphere of specifically, professionally applied training of special forces personnel, security and military structures.

The chief instructor of the Kadochnikov System headquarters, prepares professionals for the foundation of the Kadochnikov System representations and offices in the Russian regions and countries of Europe and Asia.

Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov has been developing the System of personal safety technique and effective self-defense for more than 50 years (since 1962), which has not only revived the glorious military traditions of Russia but also has created the modern scientific framework and ideological basis that doesn’t have deserving counterparts in the world.

The results of his work – thousands of followers most of whom are military men, law enforcement officers, including the employees of the most elite divisions of power structures and departments. Most of them are officers and generals who train the men entrusted to them in the Kadochnikov System. It has saved hundreds of lives and also thousands of people who could keep their health and working capacity due to the received knowledge.


lack of knowledge brings problems. Definition of ignorance: "Lack of skills, abilities or knowledge."

All good specialists, even the most experienced, constantly train...

constantly seek for more knowledge and improve their skills. We think that if you're still reading this presentation, you are quite serious about the personal safety technique.

The program of the video training is the result of years of long work in this area. If this knowledge will be useful for you at least once in your life, it will cover itself many times.


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to get acquainted with the system of complex psychophysical training in the most convenient and comprehensible form, as we are not planning to hold such kind of a seminar in the nearest future.

The duration of the seminar is 12 hours. These hours cover the most important and essential information, which has already helped hundreds of people, like you, to come out of any extreme situation with dignity by following the instructions.

We aew so sorry that you couldn’t come to this seminar. It was worth it. But there are some advantages to it… You don’t have to go somewhere or pay for a hotel…

You’ll be able to work with this material as long as you need it, without missing any important information… Which, unfortunately, sometimes happens during a seminar.

But you’ll be able to avoid this.


It includes:

Unlimited access to our customer service managers team in case you have any questions, need help, or just would like to discuss your experience.
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This latest technology platform is so simple that even a child can use it.

Acquiring new skills has become much easier than before. Today lecture halls and fitness centers have been replaced with computers, tablets and smartphones. Here are just a few benefits of our new learning platform:

Lifetime access to all purchased programs.
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Instant access to all updates being released for the individual programs.

Thanks To Our Proposal...

…You’ll get more than 12 hours of the full video version of the seminar (we have recorded on video every explanation, display and even the questions of the trainees and put it into the special digital member's area, where you can watch the training online or download it on your device).

You’ll get access to all the knowledge that we shared with the participants of this seminar during those three days. You’ll have a chance to revise the most complicated and missed information. It’s well known that during a seminar it’s possible to take in only 5% of the received information. The rest of the information will go to your subconscious mind.

And you will get all this

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The knowledge that we’ll share with you during this training is the result of many years of work in the area of survivability of a person in extreme situations. If this knowledge will be to your advantage just once in your life, it’ll be worth it.

And of course we offer you our better than risk free 100% guarantee!

If you don’t get the necessary result from mastering the System within 60 days, then we will refund your money. We’ll ask you no questions and for no explanations.

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P.P.S. To feel internal uncertainty concerning one’s ability to defense oneself and one’s family when necessary, is an awful life scenario for a person with dignity and self-respect. We hope that the program on psychological training for combat action will help you to feel self-confidence; to be sure that if somebody is hostile or aggressive towards you, you’ll be able to withstand them; to win against any rival and neutralize any conflict situation.

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