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One Strike Is Not Enough. Beyond The Kicks And The Punches

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If you spend at least 1 hour a week to work on yourself, then 


Without exhausting physical exercises, even if you don’t remember when was the last time you did physical exercises or went to a gym...


…an efficient technique of blows, Which are difficult to be spotted and almost impossible to be fenced off…

To strike which doesn’t require physical strength, but the ability to relax one’s muscles…

then this step-by-step guidance will be that “wonderful recipe” that you’ve been looking so long for.

But first we'd like to warn you.

Before We Move On, We’d Like To Clarify Some Things:

We won’t talk about the secret methods and pseudo technologies which promise you fast results without putting in any effort.
Simple algorithms and methods that we want to teach you in this video course have helped hundreds of our trainees, and we're sure that they will help you too.
Of course, to attain all this you will have to put in some effort. We think you’ve never met a person who could master some solid skills just sitting on a sofa and watching TV the whole day.

Now Let Us Tell You Exactly What You’ll Receive:


First of all, we’d like to say that this video course has nothing in common with those training courses that you’ve seen before.

There is no theory in it. There are only practice proved methods of teaching the most efficient blows of The Kadochnikov Style, which are as efficient today as they were many years ago.

And they are easy to learn.

This course is so compact that you’ll be able to learn it in a day. You’ll quickly understand (and more than likely that you’ll be amazed!) by the simplicity of this wonderful method which has helped hundreds of people just like you to quickly master these skills.


..stricken with different body parts on vulnerable areas and points of your opponent’s body.

Because you can use this system to efficiently control one’s body in a dangerous situation.

The Kadochnikov System’s approach to a human’s body has one significant peculiarity that makes it different from all other similar schools, and explains its high efficiency of practical application in the most extreme situations when one’s health and life are in danger.

The Kadochnikov System regards a human body as a whole system. That’s why any blow should be stricken with a whole body. It doesn’t matter where a blow is stricken, it can be an arm or a leg.


Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov is the founder of the Russian system of personal safety technique and effective self-defense, which has no counterparts in the world.

“The Kadochnikov System”, these two words have for a long time been a symbol of the most effective school of self-defense at the heart of which there is a scientific approach, mathematically precise movements and honored, centuries-long traditions of Russian warrior training.

The name of the creator of the System (Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov) is connected with the rebirth of the interest in the latter half of the XX century for the Russian martial arts as a system of the warrior upbringing and training.


A simple way to make a person lose their balance by striking just one blow.
What stance to take in order to easily strike the blows with hands and legs while at the same time protecting oneself from the opponent’s blows (it’s a famous “frame” but with a step-by-step method)
Why the ability to relax one’s muscles is more important than physical strength
A simple method to quickly restore one’s physical activity (even if you don’t remember when the last time was when you did physical exercises or went to a gym)
You need to train a lot (or intensively) to master striking good blows. Well, that’s not true! Learn a simple secret, which our trainees use in order to master striking blows
What you shouldn’t do in order to speed up the blows
How to always remain confident in conflict situations
Why a soft physical load while practicing striking blows is much more efficient than an intensive training
How one simple exercise can help you to remove constrained movements
Why it’s almost impossible to fence off a blow stricken according to the Kadochnikov System
Your muscles should be stretched well in order to strike good blows with your legs. Well, that’s not true! Learn a simple and efficient method of striking blows with one’s legs according to the Kadochnikov System
How to strike a blow at the right point in different situations
You’ll learn the truth about the efficient blows in real life situations, which nobody else will tell you about
What body parts you can use as a striking surface and how to use them correctly
What to do if your blows aren’t strong enough
How to speed up the blows without exhausting physical loads
How to knock out a knife, stick or weapon out of your opponent’s hand
What blows are the most efficient when one deals with an armed opponent
How to immediately stop an attacker (here we talk about the stop-blows)
And much more…

Even if you don’t remember when the last time was that you did physical exercise...

... We can perfectly understand you if you don’t feel confident right now.

Many people felt the same until they found this System, which has changed their lives. That’s why we’ve spend so much time creating this program.

Two things will happen as soon as you start using it:

IFirstly, your muscle tonus will be constantly rising. That means that day by day your muscles will be more elastic and less tired. You’ll notice that your skills will be improving.
It all will be natural. It won’t require any additional efforts from your part. The natural mechanisms of self-training will be set in your body. It all will happen due to the principle of this program.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

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It includes:

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Need help in placing an order, accessing the course, or have any other question? Our customer service managers will provide all information and technical support you need. You can always reach us via the following email: info@kadochnikovsystem.com
And, of course, we'll save you the trouble (in case the program doesn't suit you), providing with our more than 100% guarantee.


This latest technology platform is so simple that even a child can use it.

Acquiring new skills has become much easier than before. Today lecture halls and fitness centers have been replaced with computers, tablets and smartphones. Here are just a few benefits of our new learning platform:

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How much will you pay for this?

There’re no traps here! As it’s a very inexpensive offer…

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You should always remember that…

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One Strike Is Not Enough. Beyond The Kicks And The Punches

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Thanks for finding time and reading this letter. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

P.S. If you one of those people who just scroll down through this letter, then here’s what we’re offering you:

We’re Offering You The Online Step-by-step Guidance “One Strike Is Not Enough. Beyond The Kicks And The Punches”, With The Help Of Which You’ll Master The Most Efficient Blows Of The Kadochnikov Style Without Exhausting Physical Loads (Even If You Don’t Remember When The Last Time Was That You Did Physical Exercises Or Went To A Gym)

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