Martial arts and secrets of survival in mortal combat with an enemy have existed in different nations since the beginning of mankind. This knowledge has always been kept secret as the survival of a tribe, clan or family was dependent on it …

At the end of the 20th century А. А. Kadochnikov was the first one in the whole world to put forward a theory of man’s survival  at a scientific level. His System gives everyone a chance to master the knowledge, abilities and skills held secret for centuries …

“You Too Can Acquire Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills and Self-Defense Technique, That You Will Be Proud Of…”

  • These skills are not dependent on your strength, your height and weight, so even a weak, ill or injured person, woman or child, can effectively use them.
  • These skills are universal — they work in every environment and situation, against one or more adversaries, all kinds of edged weapons and handy objects.
  • These skills minimize any trauma factors and enhance the adjustment of reserved potential of your body, due to the use of subconscious resources and extended perception of the space around you by all senses.


If you are interested in mastering the reliant skills of self-defense and personal safety technique...

let’s start from the very beginning, fundamentally and thoroughly;

  • If you want to acquire abilities that are not influenced by your physical capabilities (we are talking here about using NOT MORE than 25% of your strength, as the higher your skills are, the less effort you need), so your abilities will only improve with age;
  • If you wish to be able to control your mind (and fear) at all times when facing danger and have a solid skill foundation for it, then this message is very important for you.

Not That Long Ago...

some 20-30 years, it was only people of “special professions” who could undergo special training — subversives, intelligence agents, officers of special army forces and fleet, certain groups of law enforcement agencies.

By today the world had changed so radically (and not for the better), that special training is not simply a necessity, but it’s a vital skill for any reasonable person.

We won’t talk about sport fighting techniques or modern martial arts, that have their own purpose and are useful for children and young people,...

But due to the their character cannot give that specific level of training which anyone of us should have in order to survive in a variety of life situations the world is so full of today


…and the only chance to escape it safe and sound (or with minimum harm) is to undergo special training and acquire life-saving skills of personal safety technique.

We divide our method in three levels: to know, to be capable of, to be familiar with. Even a simple familiarization with the materials is better than nothing.

And if you know and are capable to do what we are teaching, you will excel 99% of the planet’s population in matters of self-safety guarantee, especially in extreme, stressful and injury-risk, situations.

Let’s look at statistics (the one we can still trust). About 140 thousand of people in Russia die annually in accidents and emergency situations. The number of injured can be estimated as 1:10, that is a lot more.

This makes 1% of the country’s population. It can be compared to the “results” of the Afghan war — about 2% of the overall number of people involved in military operations are dead.

SO OUR EVERYDAY IS "ONLY" 2 TIMES LESS DANGEROUS comparison to the warfare!

  • It’s worth noting

    that real extreme conditions are often a result of a combination of media. Which one of them will be a defying one is unpredictable. That is why you have to prepare for existence in all media, that is to study and single out the survival principles common for all these media.

  • Quick results

    that the participants of this training attain in a matter of days are no miracle (even though it seems like it at first glance). On the contrary, they are the result of thought transformation. And the reason for this transformation is absolutely scientific, counter-intuitive thinking principles, that are 100% different from an average person’s way of thinking.

  • The combination of these principles

    together with the special movement skills training and psychophysical exercises – that’s how we get those prompt results. That’s why we claim that the Kadochnikov System differs radically from all existing martial arts and fighting techniques. Easy to access and master.


We're going to tell you a secret


Despite the fact that all the formats for specialized teaching and training according to our System are not randomly chosen and have objective reasons in their foundation, we still favor one of the formats more than the rest of them.

We mean the format of 7-day training. We only organize it once a year. Normally in the city of Anapa.

During these 7 days of training together with Arkadiy Alekseevich we manage to give full theoretical and practical material sufficient for the destruction of not only motive, but also thinking stereotypes even of our beginners.


It is done due to the fact that the 7-day training format allows us to move from the general principals of System’s functioning to specifics and their step-by-step analysis.

Then go back to the general principals and notions. And then work on the details of certain case methods. Doing so during the whole 7 days of the training.

Beginners learn fast, more experienced trainees (some of them visit the training each year) improve their skills and find the understanding of things they thought they knew and mastered on a deeper level. You will achieve results.

  • The number of people wishing to take part in our training grows with every year. We are no longer capable to enlist everyone.
  • We have to arrange preliminary registration and decline those who didn’t register in advance. And as we don’t want to level up the admission price for this training, the number of those who can’t get there will be increasing with each year.

That is why, exclusively for people who can study at home, we decided to issue a full video version of the 7-day training, held in Anapa


So in order to film the whole training process in excellent quality we had to produce more than 15 hours of video.

We believe that people who manage to receive these training materials, will consider the huge amount of work by our technical team to be worthy of their time and efforts. We classify our method in three levels of training: to know, to be capable of, to be familiar with. So, THE KEY WORD OF THIS TRAINING – IS TO BE CAPABLE OF.

80% of the training time is dedicated to the skill formation. Theory goes to the background (most of it is learned simultaneously with skill practicing).

  • Each element is studied step-by-step and trained till you have a skill for its performance as an integral moving act, also in a stressful situation.
  • Each element and combination is accompanied with detailed and step-by-step instruction that allow us to effectively use this material as a self-training guide at home or in a group of like-minded people.


  • Skills for exceptional control over your body in any life situation based on very modern scientific knowledge and secrets of subconscious resources usage;
  • How to use the secret of the trinity of physical, spiritual and intellectual forces in order to use only 25% of your body potential. This is enough to defeat any adversary. Knowing this secret even a physically weak, ill or injured person can always prevail over his stronger opponent;
  • After learning this course there won’t be any secrets left for you in matters of self-defense. You’ll know what to do when you are attacked not just by an unarmed aggressor, but also by an armed one. Your success will depend solely on your skills — regular work on improving your abilities and forming your individual style. You’ll learn by your own example the meaning of the phrase “Knowledge is power”;
  • The main secret of a person’s survivability – the ability to resist different types of negative impact of forces, and when injured the ability to rehabilitate (fully or partially) combat qualities;
  • The ability to solve numerous situational tasks in extreme conditions;
  • To save energy, apply minimal force in the right direction and at the right time;
  • How to defeat a stronger and faster opponent or multiple opponents by minimizing their force impact at minimum of one’s energy efforts;
  • The most rational and reasonable ways of physical impact on the opponent, as well as tactical and special psychological actions for their effective use and energy saving;
  • To practically apply one of the main postulates of our System of the opponent’s advantage over you – when an opponent is physically stronger and faster than you are or you are outnumbered;
  • Both intuitive and conscious use of psycho-biomechanical laws in a hand-to-hand fight;
  • Ability of not just acting, but acting in the right way, the best way in unpredictable circumstances when there’s no time to think and no room for mistakes, by instantly analyzing complex situations and making the only right decision possible;
  • Secrets of an external force impact on a person;
  • To understand the psycho-biomechanical models for allowing you to work better in numerous situations of a hand-to-hand fight, as well as minimizing the energy waste;
  • Means to impact your opponent based on the algorithm “System control — object controlled”;
  • To control and use your body. Our method is second to none in the world. It is based on the studies of Russian scientists, academics А. Anokhin and Н. Berstein, and many years of study and system application in all sorts of extreme situations;
  • To use only 25% of your strength in any combat without losing efficiency and quality of work. You have to admit — with this low level of energy used you will be able to work much longer than anyone of your opponents;
  • The secrets of hand-to-hand combat mastered only by elite specialists;
  • The skill of any forced impact minimization regardless of your opponents’ strength and speed;
  • The art of manipulating your opponent in various situations by using the psycho-biomechanical modeling;
  • The hand-to-hand fighting technique that can be effectively used under any climatic and situational conditions: day or night; in summer heat or winter cold; in the rain, on slippery ground or quicksand; in the forest, in a small elevator cabin, inside an airliner or a car;
  • The tactical skill of acting effectively and in the right way in any environment, instantly analyzing the complexity of the situation and making the right decision;
  • The necessary minimum of specially applied exercises for formation of the fighter’s specific moving skills;
  • The main principals of defense against any kind of physical aggression;
  • The basic skills for controlling the psycho-biomechanical state during hand-to-hand combat;
  • The closed technologies of controlling your opponent without rough physical force;
  • How to use the whole forces’ trinity spectrum: physical, spiritual, intellectual;
  • The basic notions of applied mechanics for hand-to-hand fight — couple of forces, Fleming's rule, lever system – that allow you to manipulate your opponent or opponents with confidence, control the situation, not giving them any chance at all;
  • To minimize any force impacts regardless of your opponents’ strength and speed, due to the System core principles of survival common for every media;
  • To make the right and effective moves under any circumstances, instantly analyzing complex situations and making the only right decision possible, because the System will give you psychological and spiritual stability for conscious and justified skills and abilities application;
  • To find a key to the secrets of manipulating your opponent in any possible situation of hand-to-hand combat on the basis of the psycho-biomechanical movement modeling;
  • To receive any blows of an opponent and divide their negative impact into components before they reach the target. While doing so you’ll be using only 25% of your strength;
  • To work in any plane;
  • To turn the opponent’s strength and aggression against him, by knowing the ways of applying almost insignificant efforts in the right direction and in the right place;
  • To know more than 99.5% of average people about means of effective behavior in a dangerous situation;
  • To form the fighting algorithms of close combat taking into consideration the colossal lack of time for the right-decision-making, general exhaustion and even high degree of “body wear”, as well as stress and other unfavorable factors;
  • The main theory and method of a qualitative personal safety technique and hand-to-hand combat;
  • How to use the golden rule of mechanics in hand-to-hand combat;
  • The theoretical and methodological foundations of low acrobatics — unique system of specially applied exercises for vital abilities formation that allow us to control our body in difficult circumstances;
  • To “enter” the plane of the floor by means of a roll forward as a basis for special combat skills formation in the conditions of real life combat interaction;
  • The specially applied exercises for the formation of skills to allow you to overcome any types of obstacles in a prone position and minimize the possibility of injury;
  • The specially prepared exercise for strengthening your muscles and tendons;
  • The specially applied exercises for the formation of skills to help you move on the point-to-point area (holes, trenches, buildings);
  • Some secrets of work with inertia moment, that allow you to control your body in the most uncomfortable circumstances;
  • To be able to control your muscle tone when organizing the defense against any types of blows;
  • To receive the blows softly as the basis for further work on dividing their negative impact into components;
  • To balance an object — specially prepared exercise for the formation of the skills to control the muscle tone and psycho-emotional sta
  • The educational control of mastering the special exercises and method of special moves correction;
  • The foundation of the balance theory and the method of controlling an opponent, by moving his mass centre outside of the support area of his legs;
  • The Fleming's rule and methods of its combat use;
  • The universal specially prepared exercise for development of the basic skill to manipulate an opponent by impacting his mass center;
  • The variations of impact ways depending on the initial cinematic situations;
  • The working algorithm allowing you to use only 25% of your strength;
  • How to combine linear and angular speed in your work;
  • How to be able to find a point of support and create levers to manipulate your opponent;
  • Which zones and points of active strike and ways to impact them are effective in a real life hand-to-hand fight;
  • The flexibility of thought for the formation of individual tactical aims when solving the situational tasks;
  • How to educationally control the level of your basic skills mastering;
  • The main notions of angles of “entry” into a plane and “swings” when working with different weapons;
  • To work on a bench — the indicator of body control in difficult circumstances;
  • How to teach the “opposition tack” in relative contact mode;
  • To protect yourself from any types of blows by using the ricochet principal;
  • The situational variations of combat moves based on the ergonomic approach to the moves creation;
  • How to use the curvature radius when working with different types of edged weapons;
  • How to use the “speed levers” in your work;
  • The main principals of work with different types of edged weapons;
  • The psychological characteristics of using edged weapons in educational training course;
  • “The secret code” that will help you receive any blows of your opponent and divide their negative impact into components before they reach the target. While doing this you’ll be using only 25% of your strength;
  • How to quickly learn to work in any plane, including the floor plane and to save physical strength and psychological stability even in the most unpredictable extreme situations;
  • The formula of work with any adversary, using which you will outmatch him completely;
  • To use angles in the right way – applying minimal force in the right direction and at the right time, thus saving energy;
  • To consciously use the rule “Angular speed is always higher than the linear one”, which helps us minimize any force impact using minimum of our energy, which means we always can and should overcome a stronger and faster opponent or opponents;
  • To find the most rational, reasonable and energy saving ways of physical impact on your opponent by means of conscious use of the lever system in your work, as well as tactical and special psychological techniques of their effective implementation;
  • To develop and improve the body and mind resources in the right way, work efficiently in accordance with your own functional capabilities, that you possess at a certain time and in a certain place.


  • Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov is the founder of the Russian system of personal safety technique and effective self-defense, which has no counterparts in the world.


    “The Kadochnikov System”, these two words have for a long time been a symbol of the most effective school of self-defense at the heart of which there is a scientific approach, mathematically precise movements and honored, centuries-long traditions of Russian warrior training. The name of the creator of the System (Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov) is connected with the rebirth of the interest in the latter half of the XX century for the Russian martial arts as a system of the warrior upbringing and training.
  • Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov has been developing the System of personal safety technique and effective self-defense for more than 50 years (since 1962), which has not only revived the glorious military traditions of Russia but also has created the modern scientific framework and ideological basis that doesn’t have deserving counterparts in the world.


    The results of his work – thousands of followers most of whom are military men, law enforcement officers, including the employees of the most elite divisions of power structures and departments. Most of them are officers and generals who train the men entrusted to them in the Kadochnikov System. It has saved hundreds of lives and also thousands of people who could keep their health and working capacity due to the received knowledge.
  • Arkadiy Alekseevich Kadochnikov is a professional military man (lieutenant colonel in reserve), a specialist in the sphere of specifically, professionally applied training of special forces personnel, security and military structures.


    The chief instructor of the Kadochnikov System headquarters, prepares professionals for the foundation of the Kadochnikov System representations and offices in the Russian regions and countries of Europe and Asia.
  • He has held hundreds of seminars and master-classes in Russia and different countries all over Europe, at which thousands of people have got solid skills of effective self-defense and personal safety technique.


    He is the author of mass media educational and methodological materials, books and articles about self-defense problems and professionally-applied training for extreme situations.


We start with basics. Deep mastering of the opposite tack.


We get to know the basics of stability theory and method of controlling the opponent, by moving his mass centre outside of the support area of his legs.


We master the basic notions of hand-to-hand applied mechanics — couple of forces, the Fleming's rule, lever system – that allow you to manipulate your opponent or opponents with confidence, control the situation, not giving them any chance at all;


We learn to save energy, apply minimal force in the right direction and at the right time;


We master the skill of minimizing any forced impact regardless of your opponents’ strength and speed.


We master specially applied exercises for vital abilities formation that allow us to control our body in difficult circumstances.


We learn to receive any blows of our opponent and divide their negative impact into components before they reach the target.


We study the variations of impact ways depending on the initial cinematic situations.


We get acquainted with work principals in unconventional situations and minimize the possibility of injury.


We study the algorithms which will allow us to use not more than 25% of our strength.


Special work


Working against several opponents



By the end of the training you are likely to be surprised yourself how much you can benefit from it. Perhaps you couldn’t even dream about such progress. Sounds like an exaggeration?

Simple facts. And we know it because we’ve been personally watching what results have been achieved by the students who have undergone special training for about half of the century — these people achieve real breakthroughs in their lives, all thanks to the System of personal safety technique.

We help you to help yourself. However, the way you’ll benefit from the program largely depends on your inner motivation and aspiration. We can only help you — give you knowledge, help to form your skills and abilities, familiarize you with certain information.

That said, you can only get the most important things if you work with zeal. Your results are directly proportional to your efforts


  • You’ve started to conquer your fear. You’ve ventured to a bold and decisive act — to undergo a special training of personal safety technique. From now on we want you to think of yourself as the bravest person there is.
  • The way you consider yourself is the way you’ll become. What stops you right now from feeling self-confidence and self-respect? Whether you are brave or not doesn’t depend on your surroundings.
  • It depends on what’s going on inside of you. We are afraid of what we don’t know. Only knowledge and right thinking can give you courage, and only ignorance can cause fear. That is why you should start considering yourself as brave right now. And the materials of the special training course will provide all the necessary knowledge.


...If you act now you will receive ONE exclusive bonus!

Videocourse "Knife Throwing. Secrets of Masters"

In addition to online course you will get exclusive bonus - 49 minutes videocourse "Knife Throwing. Secrets of Masters" which will teach you the knife throwing technique that we use in Kadochnikov System.


Of course you’re aware that your skills and abilities enhance your social importance and self-esteem, whereas ignorance causes problems.

The definition of ignorance: “Lack of skills, abilities and knowledge”.

  • All specialists, even the most qualified ones, learn something all the time … constantly trying to get more knowledge and improve their skills.
  • We believe that if you are still reading this presentation, you are serious about your personal safety technique.

The special training course is the result of many years of work in this field. If you find this knowledge useful at least once in your life, it will be repaid manifold.


It includes:

  • Unlimited access to our customer service managers team in case you have any questions, need help, or just would like to discuss your experience.
  • Need help in placing an order, accessing the course, or have any other question? Our customer service managers will provide all information and technical support you need. You can always reach us via the following email:
  • And, of course, we'll save you the trouble (in case the program doesn't suit you), providing with our more than 100% guarantee.


This latest technology platform is so simple that even a child can use it.

Acquiring new skills has become much easier than before. Today lecture halls and fitness centers have been replaced with computers, tablets and smartphones. Here are just a few benefits of our new learning platform:

  • Lifetime access to all purchased programs.
  • Possibility of downloading the needed video, audio or text file to any device at any time.
  • Possibility of asking questions that may arise through the learning process, leave comments and talk to other participants.
  • Instant access to all updates being released for the individual programs.
  • Technical and information support.

How Much Will It Cost To You?

We believe you should know that the training participants paid the registration fee of $500. And it’s not all they had to pay for.

The registration fee doesn’t include the travel costs to the location of the training, accommodation, meals and even the cost of “leaving your job”.

Put it all together and it turns out that most of the training participants paid at least $1000 for their education.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to invest this amount in your knowledge … the complete video of the training…

Is available at a price that’s $853 LESS, Than The Participants Paid For The Training

That’s right! You get your complete online version of this training.

You can practice the training materials as long as it will be necessary for your learning process. You can go back to the complex or missed parts again and again. And you don’t have to pay $1000 for it, the amount the participants of the training had to pay, but $853 less…

…investing only $147 in your knowledge that you’ll be proud of.

Your satisfaction is, of course, 100% guaranteed.


Order Form

YES!  I want to get your 7 day intensive training to acquire skills and abilities for survival and personal safety technique and turn on my inner mobilization mechanisms, control fear and adrenaline rush in a dangerous situation, use the opponent’s strength against him, not relying on just my physical capabilities

  • I will get access to the digital version of the video training consisting of 12 modules with the complete program of 7 day intensive training with total video duration of more than 15 hours, produced on high quality filming equipment.
  • I’m not risking anything as I have more than 100% guarantee. If I won’t be able to master your special training program during the first 2 months I get a full refund. Without any questions or explanations.

Just for $297 $147

7-Day Intensive Training

P.S. Now that you know how to acquire reliable skills of survival and personal safety technique use the advice given in our presentation … before it’s too late.

P.P.S. After getting the training video “Kadochnikov System Seven Day Intensive Training” you’ll either acquire the priceless knowledge and recommendations that will help you learn to spot the danger in time, turn on your inner mobilization mechanisms, control your fear and adrenaline rush in a dangerous situation, use the opponent’s strength against him, not relying just on your physical capability, or get a refund (check our 100% guarantee), if for some reason this training video doesn’t suit you. You have nothing to lose. Your only disadvantage is to “leave empty handed”.

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