Martial arts and secrets of survival in mortal combat with an enemy have existed since the birth of humanity among all nations. This knowledge was always kept in secret as the survival of the whole tribe, race, clan, family depended on it…

At the end of the 20th century, A.A. Kadochnikov was the first in the world who took the theory of human survival to the level of science. His system gives the chance to any person to master the knowledge, skills and abilities that have been kept in secret for centuries…

Give us five minutes and we’ll tell you how…

“You Too Can Learn All the Secrets
of Mastering the Kadochnikov System…And Become Master of Hand-to-handfighting in 12 Months

If you want to get a “behind the scene” pass when the doors of the hall are closed, so nobody else can hinder the transmission process of secrets of skill from Teacher to a pupil…
If you want to learn these secrets too and become a master hand-to-hand fighting…then you need this unique program of training, which you won’t find anywhere else…

Dear friend, many people try to learn different skills of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat to protect themselves in case of need… But they either fail facing a dangerous situation, or just don’t even try to resist. 

Why does it happen? What is their mistake? Or maybe there’s just no way they can do it and it’s better to not even try?

We’ll tell you right now – it’s not their fault. The reason is probably in methods they’ve chosen to master certain skills, the methods that are not suitable for these aims.

This kind of situation, when the wrong methods of learning are chosen, is well shown in the multiserial feature film "The Apostle."

The Great Patriotic War…

The main character due to the course of circumstances gets in the intelligence school, where he has to pass special training before being dropped behind enemy lines. He masters brilliantly all subjects except one – hand-to-hand fighting.

The slender young man, who was a math teacher before the war, can’t master wrestling and boxing techniques at all. The situation is desperate. According to the legend he is a graduate student of the reconnaissance and sabotage school Abver and is definitely supposed to be a master of hand-to-hand combat.

And then the school leadership calls for the extra-class specialist, who teaches the young man using other methods, the base of which is not physical strength, but the conscious control of the motor abilities.

And the situation changes as quick as thought – he masters not only the necessary skills, but even surpasses his former instructors.

The Root Of The Problem Is...

that in order to learn specific skills such as self-defense and hand-to-hand combat most people use motor training that is used in sports

But the main secret is that motor training for extreme life situations completely differs from the motor training used in sports.
The motor training of fencer, fighter and boxer is aimed at maximum, ultimate development of those qualities that are necessary for them for competitive activity - speed, strength, general and special endurance, etc. But there are no rules and weight categories in real life.
If you are attacked by someone who is taller, heavier, stronger and faster than you – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no chances. You just need the other motor training. Very soon you’ll find out which one.


...begins from the point where sports training ends. Here’s the reason…


...presume the fact that the enemy is stronger, faster, taller, heavier, etc.

In other words, all the enemy’s physical skills are better. Also we presume that there can be several of enemies, they can be armed and so on.

In general, we begin with the situation when the enemy surpasses you. (That’s the way it happens in most cases in real life).

And That Is Why...

The training in the Kadochnikov System is aimed at developing skills of conscious control of one’s body, which allow you to use enemy’s strength against him, oppose angular acceleration to the speed of his movements, and use the skill of decomposing the devastating effect of any kind of enemy’s punches on components.
Having mastered the skills of controlling your body and your enemy’s body, you don’t find it hard anymore to neutralize or defeat the enemy. The reason is that there are a lot of tender spots in the human body to affect which you don’t need a lot of strength.
Even an accurate blow to the jaw with the strength of 20 kg may result in a knockout, though professional boxers train the strength of the punch up to the hundreds of kg.


Some people try to master even the Kadochnikov System from the point of sport motor training. It’s not surprising that such an attitude makes this system complicated and incomprehensible.

From the other side, even ordinary people of average age, most of whom forgot when they did physical exercises last time, begin to work according to the Kadochnikov System just after 2-3 days of training.

The reason is that motor training according to the Kadochnikov System completely differs from others that exist; it is simple and available for mastering, if you use it with an open mind and pure intentions.

We use the phrase "pure intentions" not accidentally, because one of the main postulates of our System is "never join the fight if there are any other ways of acting"

Only the real danger, the enemy’s attack gives reasons and moral base for using combat knowledge and the System’s techniques. If you are among those rarely met people...

who don’t want to stop in the middle of the way, to be content with little,
who want to study the chosen topic deeply and become a real master,

... then you have to know that exclusive training program "Master of hand-to-hand combat. 12 months home-study course" was created for such people as you.


As it is not designed for mass use this program is a "piece" product, individual; elite both in its purpose and content.

Each of 48 training modules will help you to master one of the facets of hand-to-hand combat according to the Kadochnikov System.

From week to week during the year you will go deeper and deeper into the secrets of the System’s mastery, which according to experts doesn’t have any analogues in the world and is used in training the most elite special forces.

As everything in the world that really works and gives results, hand-to-hand combat according to the Kadochnikov System in its base consists of secrets and subtleties mastering which on your own without instructors is almost impossible.

But not in this case because you’ll get instructions straight from Arkadiy Kadochnikov due to new educational technologies that we used creating the unique training program "Master of hand-to-hand combat. 12 months home-study course".

It is of particular importance that especially for this program we gathered our basic knowledge about the way of...


1. Why is motor training so important?

Because you can face the situation when your enemy will surpass you in the range of parameters – height, weight, strength. There can be several enemies. They can be armed.

2. What do you need to get ready for such situation?

First of all, you need skills of motor training based on conscious control of your body rather than on developing physical qualities that are used in sports training.

3. How to achieve it?

The answer is to master basic skills of motor training according to our System, which allow your body to move naturally and continuously, and not only to react to the situation but also to control it. These skills are universal and can be used in all environments and situations.


Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov is the founder of the Russian system of personal safety technique and effective self-defense, which has no counterparts in the world.

“The Kadochnikov System”, these two words have for a long time been a symbol of the most effective school of self-defense at the heart of which there is a scientific approach, mathematically precise movements and honored, centuries-long traditions of Russian warrior training.

The name of the creator of the System (Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov) is connected with the rebirth of the interest in the latter half of the XX century for the Russian martial arts as a system of the warrior upbringing and training.


How to teach your body to overcome all obstacles smoothly and prevent hits against them by different parts of the body;
How to maintain physical (and mental) stability under the influence of severe physical pressure;
How to prevent somebody from grabbing or hitting you;
How to discompose any enemy without the use of brute force;
The one skill that is in the base of methods of fast neutralization of aggressive enemy;
Five most common mistakes you need to avoid in self-defense situations;
The one secret due to which you will be able to overturn any enemy regardless of his strength using little effort;
Why “speed” is relative and how to learn always to outpace the enemy, so you’ll get the one of its kind advantage over the enemy;
The easy way to prepare your body for combat activity, so that you will minimize causal factors of injury;
How to prevent the enemy hitting you with arms, legs, solid object, edged weapons, and use his strength and aggression against him;
How to gain self-confidence and authority that will allow you to be sure that nobody will hurt you or your family;
How to release quickly from any seizures or girths, so that you can throw off in seconds any man who grabs you;
How to feel confident in yourself and your abilities, each time someone threatens you - it always scares people at the subconscious level, so that they do not even try to continue their actions;
How to come in contact with the enemy, so that from the beginning of any physical confrontation you will be in a better position than your opponent;
How to decompose the enemy, so that you will always be in a better position;
How to control the enemy directing his own force against him, so that you will not use more than 25% of your forces;
How to move in a fighting stance, so that you can effectively impact the enemy, not allowing him to impact you;
Two things to consider in any self-defense situation;
How to rein a man, when someone tries to get you into conflict with a few simple but effective actions, which are not very traumatic, but nevertheless quite painful;
How to emerge victorious from any dangerous situation due to the ability to control the enemy and put him at a disadvantage;
How to save energy, use minimal force in the right direction and at the right time;
How to win against obviously stronger and faster opponent or several opponents by minimizing their power exposure at the lowest possible cost of your energy;
How the basic concepts of applied mechanics of hand combat - a couple of forces, the dynamic screw, system of levers - enable you to control the opponent or opponents confidently, to control the situation, and not leave them a chance;
How to use only 25% of your strength in any battle without loss of efficiency and quality of your work;
How to develop the ability to work much longer than any of your opponents;
Secret ways of the most efficient bio-psycho mechanical impact on the enemy;
How to pick up the key to the secrets of controlling an opponent in any possible situations of hand combat based on bio-psycho mechanical simulation of motor actions;
How to convert power and aggression of the enemy easily against himself by putting very little effort in the right place and in the right direction;
To learn quickly how to work in all planes, including the floor plane and save at the same physical strength and mental stability even in the most unpredictable extreme situations;
One thing that should be avoided – by all means - before you start to study even the simplest basic movement.
Why the use of technique, which is 99% different from what you have seen, is the best way to achieve invulnerability as soon as possible;
What is not done by 98% of coaches and instructors of self-defense to increase the chances of survival of their students in a real confrontation;
How to learn the methods of impact on the opponent according to the following formula «System of control — controlled object»;
Bring to minimum any force impact without regard to strength and speed of your opponents, because the basis of the System is the survival principles the same for every environment;
How to put your opponent in such a position that you can hit him with any part of your body and he couldn’t respond to you;
How to create a continuous curve of your body and what you need it for;
What the lethal accuracy of our moves depends on;
Meet any strikes of your opponent and break down their negative impact into components right before they reach the goal.
The secrets and nuances of special exercises and applied moves, which will allow you in the shortest period of time to acquire necessary for efficient self-defence knowledge at the level of the motor skills;
«The secret code», which will allow you in the shortest period of time to learn how to meet any strikes of your opponent and break down their negative impact into components right before they reach the goal.Meanwhile, you’ll spend no more than 25% of one’s strength;
How to get the formula of working with your opponent with the help of which he wouldn’t be able to fight you back;
How to use the principle of triunity of forces: physical, spiritual, intellectual in order to enhance the quality of your work;
Why each out of three parts of this principle is a powerful means and catalyzer of your professional growth;
How to form the fighting algorithms of close fight with regard to a colossal lack of time in order to make the only right decision and while being tired and generally exhausted, in a situation of psycho stress and other unfavorable factors;
How to control your opponent in different situations on the basis of psychobiomechanical modeling;
Just one secret strategy, which in a matter of days will help you to enhance your combat efficiency up to 100%, 200% and even more, if you’ll apply it consciously.


The great majority of instructors and self-defense schools teach you to use your physical and mental abilities.

They don’t offer you a well-structured system of knowledge about how to use your rival’s strength against himself. Though, it’s this very ability that is of crucial importance.

If your rival is by head and shoulders above, a piece of advice like “strike first” would scarcely work out.

An ability not to respond to strength with strength but to use your rival’s strength against himself will allow you to work successfully with any rival and solve any task effectively no matter how much your rival is stronger and larger than you.

That’s why the rule of 25% and the principle of using your rival’s strength against himself (on the basis of the psychobiomechanical interaction) are the most optimal fighting algorithms for a physical confrontation in extreme circumstances.


you’ll considerably enhance your potential in order to react adequately to a rough physical force in self-defence situations

Why do people constantly respond enthusiastically to our unique approach to self-defense?

It happens because training according to our System people get real knowledge and not empty promises. This knowledge is general-purpose – it works in any environment, circumstance, with one or several opponents.

Rough physical force or sport training aren’t necessary to acquire it. They’ll be appropriate for a physically weak, ill or injured person, a woman and even a child. You can learn basic moves and principles really quickly, and then you can develop one’s skills for as long as you need it.

A beginner differs from a master only in the time that he has spent on improving one’s skills. The moves themselves do not change. The thing is that during practice they’ll become more economic and virtuosic.

The program educational material is as efficient as simple and easy to learn, and it gives such wonderful results that you even don’t have to take our word on trust. We suggest you order the program within our responsibility.

All you need is to make an order. You don’t risk anything because you have our 100% guarantee.

How much will it cost you?

Judging by the sole worth of the set of learning materials, it can’t be less than a thousand dolars.

Yet we understand that not all the members of our community can afford such an investment even in their own health and safety.

That is why we settled on the minimal price suitable for us (including the efforts and costs for making the set of materials and translating them into English) – 597 USD. But you won’t even have to pay the abovementioned sum, as the first clients to buy the program will be able to do it with a 50% discount, for half price!

You could ask us why we would do that. It is simple. The thing is if you read this message, you are not here by chance. This offer is for our subscribers only. Only the most active ones get this.

Only for such people, the most active  members of our community whom we basically work for we offer the chance to get our new program "Master of hand-to-hand combat. 12 months home-study course" for half price within the next few days.

We think it is quite fair. As an investment in your health and safety, or to say straightforwardly in your future, which is about equal in price to an iron, an electric kettle or a hairdryer, is affordable practically to anyone.

The most important thing is that you don’t risk anything at all, as you have our more than 100% guarantee.

The money leave your pocket, but they don’t leave your life, as most of spent money does.

They’ll come back to you multiplied, even if you apply only a smidgen of the knowledge acquired. To be even more honest, for some people it can be the most profitable investment in their lives.


It includes:

Unlimited access to our customer service managers team in case you have any questions, need help, or just would like to discuss your experience.
Need help in placing an order, accessing the course, or have any other question? Our customer service managers will provide all information and technical support you need. You can always reach us via the following email:
And, of course, we'll save you the trouble (in case the program doesn't suit you), providing with our more than 100% guarantee.


This latest technology platform is so simple that even a child can use it.

Acquiring new skills has become much easier than before. Today lecture halls and fitness centers have been replaced with computers, tablets and smartphones. Here are just a few benefits of our new learning platform:

Lifetime access to all purchased programs.
Possibility of downloading the needed video, audio or text file to any device at any time.
Possibility of asking questions that may arise through the learning process, leave comments and talk to other participants.
Instant access to all updates being released for the individual programs.
Technical and information support.


of hand-to-hand training according to the Kadochnikov System, which presupposes 12 months of training. These are 48 educational and training classes, 80-90 minutes each. A complete training program for a whole year – week after week.

A digital version of a program for on-line training is placed on a closed site to which you’ll get an access immediately after you order the training program.

Master of hand-to-hand combat. 12 months home-study course” will allow you to get all the advantages and secrets of the Kadochnikov System hand-to-hand fighting in order to improve the quality of one’s life and behave properly in any life situation.

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This is just a few of the comments that we’ve got. There are more than a thousand of them, but all of them say generally the same – the System lives and WORKS. It has been tested by time and tens of thousands of people.

We hope that you’ll be also among them.

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